Live Chat Agent

Sometimes the customers would prefer to talk to an agent over a chabot and type a query like "I want to talk to Agent" in such cases you can use the Live chat agent feature.


This feature lets the agent continue the conversation with the user as per their request and even when the bot fails to answer users query thrice it automatically switches to an agent. This saves the user from having a bad experience with the bot.


  • Once you've added an agent to your bot then go to the Setup AI section and reach Advance AI. You will see live chat option on the left column. Click on that and enter all possible keywords your user may type to ask for an agent and click on save.





  • Agents can login with the Email-Id and password (created while adding agent) from agent web app: and manage their chats with customers from live chat dashboard.


  • When a user asks for live chat, agent dedicated to the bot gets the notification in the live chat dashboard. Where the agent joins the chat and can continue to conversation with the user.




  • The list of users can be seen from the “Online visitors” tab.
  • Agents can also check the history of all the live chats from history tab.
  • Team tab shows the list of all the agents added in that floatbot account.
  • From the right of the dashboard, agents can make audio calls, video calls and exit chat.