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Integrate floatbot in Android App


Floatbot integration is available in Android App. It is possible to integrate floatbot inside your android app. Along with floatbot integration one can also register for sending broadcast messages and enable iBeacon support for android app. You can also set mobile number to identify returning users in your App.

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook


Floatbot launches integration with Facebook. Now connect your floatbot in your facebook page and engage your customers with ease.

Skip item if value exists in User Attribute


You can skip item from the flow if the item consists of value in user attribute. If the user have inserted data during the chat in the chatbot and the attribute consist of value, then you can skip the item and use the saved attribute value. In case if the flow which consist the user attribute is not invoked, then the item will not be skipped.

This is useful when the same value is to be u

Floatbot Introduces Variable


Now you can use Variable feature to store values after performing arithmetic operations on values or attributes. The accepted mathematical operations are Plus, Minus, Division and Multiplication (+,-, /,*).

The result of the variable can be used to display anywhere in the flow. Use it to set, reset or perform any storage based on flow or user's activity.


Create Multiple Chatbots with Floatbot


A business can have various requirements depending upon the services or products offered. While implementing a chatbot for a business it is not necessary that all the services or products can be implemented in one chatbot.

Floatbot’s Live Agent Chat is Here


Now you can chat live with your customers when they need your live support. Or if your bot fail to answer then you can automatic switch to live agent chat to avoid any kind of bad experience.

Adding more to the features, Floatbot is live with the Agent Chat.

Location Feature Alert: Get User’s Location from your Chatbot using our Latest Feature.


A new feature is live which will help you to get location from your users.  A button called location has been added to workflow of the bot dashboard. Let’s go ahead and see how it works.

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