What Can Floatbot Do?

Floatbot helps you to automate your time consuming tasks and makes your customers life easier by providing them 24/7 support.

Here is the list of activities Floatbot lets you do.

  • Floatbot lets you create text-based, voice-based (Amazon Alexa) chatbots.
  • Setup AI for your bot and appropriate response.
  • Responds to text-based queries.
  • Provide live chat support to your users whenever required.
  • Easy integration with multiple platforms like website, facebook messenger, mobile apps(iOS, android), slack, skype, telegram, amazon alexa, wechat, Whatsapp, viber.
  • Increase your customer engagement by sending targeted broadcasts.
  • Setup Pre-configured payment gateways and accept transactions through floatbot.
  • Set personalize responses for every user.