Core Elements



Floatbot’s conversational approach is simple. It floats conversations in a personalized yet in an interactive way giving a delightful experience to the users.



Floatbot is able to process information and maintain context of what customer wants across conversation. Ensuring to provide a better and an accurate solution.

self - learning

Self - learning

Floatbot by itself observes and understands user’s behaviour to optimize the end result.



Automation is the need of the hours. With Floatbot automate your mundane tasks and experience the growth in customer interactions with reduced costs.

customer engagement

Customer Engagement

Schedule or trigger personalized reminders for payment, update on complain status, policies, updates, polls, surveys, targeted and personalized broadcasts.



Floatbot helps you understand your customer’s sentiments and highlight major pain areas to drive action.



Enable login or sign-up into your application from Chatbot. Your customers
can opt to simply login using mobile number and OTP or customer ID and password. Allow new sign-ups from Chatbot.

pre-configured payment gateways

Pre-configured payment gateways

Enable transactions of your services or products inside Chatbot. Floatbot is pre-configured with Razorpay, Paytm and Paypal. Contact us to add your desired payment gateway.

fallback to live chat

Fallback to live chat

There are times when the bot fails to understand what the user is saying. Floatbot recognizes the issue and allows to switch to a human agent/ live chat before the customer realizes it.

Al NLP Engine

Use Floatbot's Al engine or connect to your own Al engine account


Floatbot Al engine


Amazone Lex

Amazon Lex

Coming Soon

Success Stories


Rajkot Municipal Corporation

How the goverment organization is making the optimum
use of chatbot

By now, we all know about chatbot. Still, there are people living in a myth that chatbots are useful for limited sectors. Mostly e-commerce sector or brands who operate online. But friends, this is not true. Let us give you a live case of chatbot used by the Government sector.

To provide better service to their citizens the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) launched a Floatbot on their website!!


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