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Reduce costs by up to 70% by automating the following inbound calls to the Customer Center:

  • Automating Claims FNOL
  • Customer Support Calls
  • Sales Inquiries
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Employee IT Help Desk Calls
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Outbound Calls

Increase outbound call efficiency by automating the outbound calls with human-like voice integration:

  • Tele-Marketing Calls
  • Customer Engagement Calls
  • Insurance Renewal Calls
  • Payment Reminder Calls
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Try Gen AI-powered Collection bot by calling below number


Innovation in Every Interaction, Chat or Voice, Across a Spectrum of Use-Cases

Digital sales Customer Support
Reduce Support cost by 80%
Contact Center AI Claims FNOL
Reduce the Cost of Per Claims FNOL from $45 to <$5
Claims Adjustment Claims Adjuster
Increase Adjuster's Efficiency by 40%
Customer Support Customer Experience
Increase CSAT by 80%
Lead Generation Debt Collections
Increase Collection Rates by 60%
Agent Assistance Agent Productivity
Increase Contact Center Agent productivity by 50%

Hear what our clients say

As one of the senior leaders of our service provider organization, I am pleased to share how Floatbot's conversational AI products have transformed our ability to provide exceptional solutions to our customers. By leveraging their platform abilities, we have been able to seamlessly manage end-user interactions across multiple channels including phone, IVR, web chat, WhatsApp, and more.

Rinoo Rajes's testimonial

Rinoo Rajesh

Digital LeaderConneqt Business Solutions

I have worked closely with the Floatbot team on deploying agent-assist. Floatbot platform exceeded my expectation in identifying the right knowledge article based on the provided inputs. Floatbot team was very responsive and fast in adopting new ideas, which is critical for any innovation-led transformation project.
We were able to implement the solution 70% faster than other similar solutions I have worked with. In our deployment, we saw a significant improvement in the speed of accessing the correct answers by the users, thereby improving the efficiency and customer satisfaction. With Floatbot, we will be able to push the same agent-assist bot to a customer-facing Chatbot or Voicebot for self-serve, reducing our effort by 60% for future self-serve deployments.

Sandeep's testimonial

Sandeep V

VP Digital Transformation

Large BPO organization

NYSE listed BPO organisation

We signed contract with Floatbot to automate outbound calls and to generate qualified leads. We are extremely pleased with Floatbot platform capabilities and their Voice AI technology. In last 2 months, we were able to generate revenue of $400,000+ though Floatbot's Voicebot. At present, we are able to generate 20% of our total qualified leads through Voicebot. We aim to generate at least 80% of our total qualified leads through Floatbot's Voice AI platform, in next 3 months. We got almost 24x7 support from Floatbot's team. I would highly recommend Floatbot to anyone looking for Voice AI to automate their contact center operations.

Erica's testimonial

Erica F

Operations Manager

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Jimmy & Team has been an amazing support for us and Floatbot's capability of deploying the bots in Omni-channels along with its strong AI, helps our product to stand out from other competitors. We are not only seeing great interest from customers who are already using telemarketing and handling contact center but also companies who recognize the importance of digital transformation.

Amanda Lim

Amanda Lim

Strategic Alliances Leader

  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Clients' Success Snapshots

Digital user onboarding achieved through chatbot.
Nbf logo
National Bank of Fujairah is a full-service corporate bank established in 1982. It is UAE's bank of choice for over 30 years for personal & business banking requirements.
Of general and member user queries handled by chatbot.
Dmcc logo
Headquartered in Dubai, DMCC is the world's most interconnected Free Zone, and the leading trade and enterprise hub for commodities.
Customer queries deflected to chatbot from other channels.
BOI logo
Bank of India is an Indian public sector bank headquartered in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Founded in 1906, it has been government-owned since nationalization in 1969.​
Reduction in AHT & Call Center operational costs.
Startek logo
Client is a Taiwan-based, multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company established in 1989.
Deflection in customer queries with chatbot.
Union Bank of India logo
Union Bank of India is one of the leading public sector banks of the country. Union Bank of India was established on 11th November 1919 with its headquarters in Mumbai.
Core Banking transactions are handled by chatbot within 1 year of launch.
NIc Asia logo
NIC Asia Bank, among Nepal's largest commercial banks is serving 3+ million customers. Within one year of partnering with Floatbot.AI, they’re handling 12% of their core banking transactions via our chatbot.
Services accessible through WhatsApp Bot boosting its accessibility.
The Cabinet of UAE logo
The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs oversees key entities like the General Secretariat of the Cabinet, the Prime Minister’s Office, the UAE Government Media Office, & more.
Plus savings in operational costs (Commercial & Supply related).
CESC logo
CESC is India's first fully integrated electrical utility company ever since 1899, generating and distributing power in Kolkata and Howrah.
  GenAI Vanguards

Empowering Insurance Operations with GenAI-Powered AI Agents



Claims FNOL Automation



Digital Worker for Adjuster



Digital Worker for Agent (Distribution), Underwriter



Billing, Policy, Support

  LLM Suite

Meet Floatbot’s LLM-Powered Flagship AI Stack

Agent M
Agent M

Agent M is a powerful enterprise Generative AI-driven Large Language Model or ChatGPT-based Master Agent developer framework. It lets you create multiple LLM-based Agents that can do natural language-based interaction over your document or data or application. Agent M serves as an orchestrator, seamlessly coordinating between multiple LLM agents that perform various tasks - making natural language-based API calls, connecting to your data, and automating complex conversations.

Floatbot Agent M  

Breakthrough LLM model powered by 100% generative AI, architected for low-latency, enterprise grade stability, that allows fine-tuning with your conversational data, knowledge-base and documents. VoiceGPT can be used with real-time AI Agents (Chatbot or Voicebot) or real-time AI Agent Assist, effortlessly handling complex conversations, tasks and automating operations. Dial +1-(650)-750-0709 or +91-278-663-0060 to try VoiceGPT powered claims FNOL bot.

Floatbot VoiceGPT  
Cognitive Search
Cognitive Search

Enable your bots to self-learn from diverse sources like website pages, knowledgebase, PDFs, and Word documents. No more manual intent creation or extensive training.

Floatbot Cognitive Search  
Coming Soon
LLM Trainer

Fine-tune your LLM with a few clicks. An effortless and efficient tool to customize and improve the performance of your LLM. Train it with ChatGPT 3.5 or other open-source foundational LLMs.

llm trainer

Floatbot UNO – No-Code, Enterprise Generative AI Platform

Empowering business users with the power of AI science


Turbocharged Deployment

Achieve 80% faster launch and effortless bot maintenance with powerful bot studio.

bot store

The Bot Store

Industry specific templates, pre-built solutions, pre-trained on use case-specific data.

Interaction analytics


Track customer sentiments, dispositions, resolution, objection and compliance analytics, and 50+ Metrics.


AI Orchestration

Orchestrate between popular LLMs, NLP, speech-to-text or text-to-speech or Bring Your Own AI. You can also manage AI execution pipeline for your bot.

Build APIs


Integrate APIs with our </> developer-friendly no-code bot studio to push-pull data, use bot-as-a-service with APIs, or trigger campaigns for your chatbot or voicebot with APIs.



Floatbot UNO is pre-integrated with industry leading ISVs, contact center solutions, Banking, Insurance, CRMs, CPaaS, Calendar, knowledgebases and many more.

  GenAI Suite

Experience Synergy with Integrated Generative AI (GAI) Conversational AI (CAI) Solutions

AI Agent: Voicebot - Contact Center AI

End-to-end contact center AI solutions – experience 100% GenAI-powered, human-sounding voicebot that works in real-time. It comes pre-integrated with leading Contact Center solutions. Be it filing claims FNOL, accelerating debt collections, or automating support calls, Floatbot’s Contact Center AI can handle any interaction with ease and efficiency.

nicein logo

AI Agent: Omnichannel Chatbot

Deploy omnichannel chatbot across all customer-facing digital channels - Text/SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, website, mobile app, Telegram, and more with our GenAI-powered, conversational AI platform.

AI Agent Assist or Co-pilot

Guide your agents during support or sales calls, providing real-time assistance on voice or chat channels. Enable knowledgebase optimization, compliance, sentiment analysis, real-time 50+ analytics, call summary, decision tree, and conversational workflow.

Live Chat with Co-Browsing

Collaborate with your customers by navigating their screens in real-time during live chats without the need for any additional software or downloads.


Deep-Tech AI

High-impact features & capabilities to turbocharge customer engagement & automate workflows

Agetn M
Agent M
Cognitive Search
Cognitive Search
LLMs (Large Language Model)
ASR speech to text
ASR Speech to Text
TTS Text to Speech
TTS Text to Speech
less response time
Less Response Time (< 1 sec)
specific AI Models
Pre-Trained Industry -Specific AI Models
Self Learning
Self-Learning AI
Contextual AI
NLP Engine
NLP Engine
Multi-Language Abilities
Multi-Language Abilities

Raising the Bar of Conversational Excellence Across Industries

Insurance Carriers, Agencies, Brokers, MGAs, & TPAs
  • Automate claims FNOL, know claims status, validate FNOL
  • Enable LLM for document, knowledge-base search
  • Facilitate renewals and customer onboarding
  • Increase digital sales
  • Provide 24/7 customer support
  • Streamline customer sales journey
  Debt Collections
Accelerate Debt Collections
  • Automate payment negotiation, disposition
  • Automate RPCs and PTP
  • Customize collections guidelines
  • Launch WhatsApp and SMS/Text-based collections bot
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory compliance filters (Reg F, FDCPA, HIPAA, & more)
automated debt collection
aI-powered banking
Regional Banks, Financial Institutions, Fintech Challenger Banks
  • Launch Retail and Corporate Banking Bots
  • Enable Self-Service AI Agents for Customers 24x7
  • End-to-End Digital User Onboarding
  • Offer core banking services on 15+ Channels
  • Multilingual capabilities (150+ languages)
  • Automation of inbound & outbound calls for customer support, sales, and more
  • Seamless integration with popular retail and corporate banking solutions (e.g., Q2, Finastra, Finacle)
Contact Centers & BPOs
  • AI Augmented Agents
  • Offer hybrid AI and Agent business models to your customers
  • Automate telemarketing
  • Automate customer support
  • Deflect calls
  • Enable seamless agent handover
BPOs logo

360o Customer Journey Optimization with AI

Combining the power of self-service AI Agents and Real-time AI Agent Assist in one platform. The self-service bots help customers get the information and service they need without having to contact a human agent or automating upfront conversation. At some point if the call or chat is transferred to human agent, the AI Agent Assist bot provides vital insights from past interactions, further enabling effective, context-rich support to human agents.


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