Account Dashboard

Account dashboard is the screen that you reach after you login. Here you will see 4 tabs on the extreme left of the screen

  • Dashboard
  • Chatbot
  • Bot Transaction
  • Agent.



This Dashboard is your actual chatbot’s dashboard.

It gives you overall details about your bot like the number of users, users per day, country wise details about your bot and NLP sentiments.





Under the Dashboard tab, there is Chatbot. This is where you will create your chatbot. 




The screen that you see above has different buttons like Create a new bot, Bot dashboard, Demo, Settings and Connect to Facebook.


  • We provide you one bot when you use our service. You can change the name of the bot anytime and if you wish to create a new chatbot. Simply click on the +Create a new bot. You can add multiple chatbots here depending upon your requirement.


  • Bot dashboard is the place where you will be working in and out during development of your bot. This section is explained in detail in this document.


  • With Demo, you can test the chatbot that you have made.


  • Under settings, you will be able to set various kind of settings related to your bot like bot position, bot color, Floatbot label and so on.


  • By clicking on connect to Facebook you will connect your chatbot to Facebook. To know how to connect to Facebook read our integration section in this document.


Bot Transaction

The 3rd tab in your account dashboard is called Bot Transaction.

You can create Transactional chatbot as well via floatbot. Which helps the customer to pay bills, purchase your product by completing the payment cycle within the bot itself. This screen will give you overall details of the payments done through the bot.





The last tab in your account dashboard is Agent. You can add an agent to your bot by clicking on +Agent. Here you will find details regarding your agent and activities done by them.




Here are the steps to add an agent to your chatbot

Step 1

Click on + Agent




Step 2

After clicking on add agent you will have to fill in the following details of your agent.

  • Name
  • Email-id
  • Select the bots
  • Set password.




Step 3

After adding agent's details click on save and head to the configure section and enable the agent chat setting.




And your agent is added to your bot.