Account Dashboard

After login, the AI bot is where you reach is. Every time you login this dashboard will open first. From here 

1. You can start creating chatbots
2. You can navigate to other elements of the bot


1. Create chatbot 

You can start building a chatbot by click on + Create a new bot. By default, we provide you with one chatbot that you can use. 




2. Navigate to other elements 

On the extreme left column, you will see 3 elements named

  • Chatbot
  • Bot Transaction
  • Agent.




The first element is chatbot.  This is where you will create your chatbot and find others which you have already created.  




Each chatbot has similar buttons and they are Bot dashboard, Demo, Settings, and Connect to Facebook. Above them is the Create a new bot button

  • +Create a new bot will give you a new bot when you click on it. You can add multiple chatbots here depending upon your requirements. We provide you with one bot when you use our service.

  • Bot Builder is where you will be building your bot. Use of each element during building a bot is explained ahead.

  • Demo button will help to test the chatbot that you have made and makes changes accordingly.

  • Settings will let you make various changes related to your bot like bot position, bot color, Floatbot label and so on.

  • Connect to Facebook will connect your chatbot to your Facebook page. To know more about how to connect read our integration section in this document.


Bot Transaction

The third element in your account dashboard is Bot Transaction. With our pre-configured payment gateways, you can build a transactional chatbot that can accept payments. 

Here you will find all the transaction details like the Transaction ID, Bot ID, Bot user ID, Amount, currency, IP, Payment gateways, and Transaction date.

You can edit the number of entries you want to see on one page, by clicking on the downward arrow next to show.  




The last tab in your account dashboard is Agent.  From here you can perform 2 activities

  • Get agent details
  • Add agent to your chatbot