Agent Chat Settings

In some cases, the user would directly like to talk to an agent, not to the chatbot. This feature helps the chatbot to understand such query and switch the conversation to a human agent.

First, let us see how to add an agent to your chatbot.

Step 1

From your dashboard go to Agent tab.



Step 2

Click on + Agent



Step 3

After clicking on add agent fill in the agent's detail.

      • Name
      • Email-id
      • Select the bots
      • Set password.




Step 4

After, finishing adding click on save and head to the configure section to enable the agent chat setting.




As soon as you enable agent chat setting, you will see a drop down of selecting agent type.

  • Floatbot
  • Zendesk

You can either select Floatbot or Zendesk. Whichever you select the agent will be from that particular platform.

  • Floatbot

When you select Floatbot you will have to fill in the following


Enable Fall back agent (Designed Escalation)
By enabling this setting, chatbot will automatically switch the conversation to an agent when the bot fails to answer any query thrice.

Auto Send Busy Message

This setting is useful when the agent is away. If in certain conditions, the agent is not able to connect within the set time duration then the message written in the box will get triggered.



Inactive Agent Message

If there comes a gap for few minutes while the agent is having a conversation with the user then the conversation will be considered inactive. And the chatbot will lead the future conversation. The message you set here will trigger after the timeout.




  • Zendesk

    When you select Zendesk as your agent type you will have to enter Zendesk Chat account key.



Go to your Zendesk chat account. From the top right go to profile> check connection> Account key. Copy the key, paste in on Floatbot’s dashboard, and click on update.



Step 5

Once the agent is added and the settings are done.

      • Go to the Setup AI section and ahead to Advance AI
      • On the left-hand side, you will find the Live Chat option.
      • Open and enter all possible keywords your user can type to connect to an agent
      • After finishing this step it is important to save and click on Build for the bot to work as designed.



After completing these steps your agent is added to your chatbot.


How can agent join the chat?

-  The agent will have to login using the web app: floatbot livechat using their email and password.  

- When chatbot requires a request to connect to an agent, the dedicated agent will be notified in the live chat dashboard.

- The Live dashboard will provide them with details like: 

  • The list of users from the “Chat Queue” tab.
  • Check history of all the live chats from the History tab
  • All the agents added to the list can be viewed from the Team tab
  • From the right of the dashboard, agents can make audio calls, video calls and exit chat.