Basic AI

Setup Basic AI (Keyword Phrases) by clicking on +ADD AI RULE button.


basic AI


You will need to add phrases which should trigger a specific response from the chatbot. These do not need to match exactly as user’s response.

The more different phrases you enter, it becomes easier for a chatbot to respond accurately.

For Example: If you enter AI Rule as: “show men shoes”, the AI will trigger the same rule even if the user types: "Can you show me men shoes”. This becomes very easy for a chatbot to respond, as you cannot enter all the possibilities of a sentence.

Generally, it is good practice to enter 5-10 phrases per rule to get the best matching possible.

The above mentioned are bot replies with text, you can also add Bot response with an existing Flow when a particular phrase is recognized, AI will trigger the mentioned flow.


setup flow in basic ai


After you’ve added phrases with their respective responses first click on save, by doing this all the phrases and responses will be saved by the bot.

Secondly, click on build a blue button on the top right. By clicking on build your bot is trained with the phrases and responses set by you. It is necessary to save the entries and then build, otherwise, no entries will not be saved.


Build AI


Set Multiple Response

You can also set multiple bot response in basic AI. If you set multiple response then the bot replies randomly from the two responses for a particular query.


multiple response


Note: You can set the same type of response which you selected for the first response.