Bot Dashboard

After knowing the account dashboard let us understand Bot dashboard. This is the dashboard you’ll be working in and out during chatbot development. To open Bot dashboard to go account dashboard >Chatbot > Bot dashboard.    




The topmost horizontal bar has 7 tabs they play an important role in designing the structure of your chatbot. Each tab has its special functionalities and is autonomous in nature but together gives a delightful experience to the user.


Workflow tab has some solid elements like text, image, JSON API, and more that help you build a chatbot. It is one point for all the flow/ messages/groups that your chatbot consist.

Setup AI

Here your chatbot learns to have an intelligent conversation with the user. Setup AI helps to configure Artificial Intelligence at basic and advance level.  


The chatbot is trained here to follow a conversational approach while interacting. Here the bot self-learns by having a conversation with the user and gives an accurate reply.


Not only automate your task but engage with your audience by sending broadcast, update, and more.


Variable are performed in a mathematical expression to express values and attributes. The value and attributes you insert are shown in this tab.


Like business activity is analyzed, then why not your chatbot. Through this tab get a detailed report on your bot performance and understand where changes must be required. 


Your chatbot will be configured to various social touch points, applications, agents, and payment gateways just by following our easy guides.