Bot dashboard

After understanding what each tab is on the account dashboard, let us understand the tabs that you will be working a lot with when you create your chatbot.

On your account dashboard click on the Dashboard.

After clicking on Dashboard, you will see a screen like this.




This screen is called the Bot dashboard. Here you see various elements like Build, setup AI, default groups and so on.

Let us now get familiar with these elements.

The topmost horizontal bar has the following important tabs. They play a key role in designing the structure of your chatbot.

Each tab has its special functionalities and is autonomous in nature but together gives a delightful experience to the user.


This tab goes by its name itself helping you build a bot. It is one point for all the flow/ messages/groups that your chatbot consist.

Setup AI

Setup AI helps to configure basic AI and advanced AI. Here your chatbot learns to recognizes specific phrases a user enters, and respond them with a relevant answer.


Here you will set up conversations that will make it easier for your users to engage with the bot. Here the bot learns by having a conversation with the user and gives an accurate reply.


As the name says, with this tab you will be effectively able to engage with your customer by sending out broadcast messages.


Variable are performed in a mathematical expression to express values and attributes. The value and attributes you insert are shown in this tab.


Every business activity needs to be analysed, then why not your chatbot. Through analyze tab on floatbot, you can check all Answered/Unanswered queries and other details regarding your bot performance.


Under Configure, you will be able to configure your chatbot on payment gateways, social touch points and applications.