Bot setting

Make changes in your chatbot as per your requirement using Bot settings.


From preferences you can enable production mode for the bot.

When the bot is in production mode it cannot be deleted.




This is useful when you don’t want your bot to be accidently deleted from the dashboard.

Bot Popup

Using this bot setting, your chatbot will pop up as any user visits the website. The message that you have set in the notification text will appear there.


Your pop up will look something like this on your website.


Related Queries

Related queries show the bot queries when user queries do not match any of the bot queries.

This helps user understand the type of queries to try in bot.


related queries


Widget settings let you change look and feel of the bot




You can update following with widget

You can set title of the bot in this field. By default the title is set with the name of the bot and preceding text – “Need Help? Ask Botname”.

Set the bot avatar or logo from here.

Theme color:
You can set theme color using this option, there are different gradient theme options available to choose from or you can also set solid theme color for bot.

Bot position:
Bot position lets you set position of the bot on website from two options – bottom-left or bottom-right.

You can set background of the bot using this option, allowed file formats for background are jpg and png.

Using label you can enable or disable bot label. Bot label appears below the icon of the bot once it is live on website.