Facebook Messenger

We all know how Facebook plays a virtual role in any online business activity. And integrating a chatbot is like adding a cherry on the cake making your brand actively available for the audience.

Let us take a quick look at how you can integrate your chatbot to Facebook.

Login to Floatbot and go to your account dashboard. On account dashboard, click on connect to Facebook.




As soon as you connect, it will ask you for some permissions




By giving access to the permission you let us manage your Facebook pages




You can also decide the activities to be managed. Like manage your pages or send messages from pages that you manage. (Check the permissions you are assigning to Floatbot)




After you have completed the process, come to your account dashboard and you will see all your Facebook pages under the Facebook pages tab. You can now decide on which page do you want to connect your Floatbot. Select the page and click on CONNECT TO FACEBOOK.




After connecting a message will pop up saying – Your bot “bot name” is connected with “page name” page. And your bot is integrated. You can check if the bot is working properly by opening the Facebook page on messenger. If you want to make any changes or disconnect you can simply do it by clicking on disconnect.