What are Intents?

To explain it in a simple language, adding intents to the chatbot, is to train the bot to understand user intents (intentions). Users may enter any type of simple or complex queries to the bot. And therefore bot needs to be capable enough to respond to all variation of the queries. Intents help bot to understand and respond to complex queries.

How to add intents?

Initially create intent by +CREATE INTENT option from the right of the dashboard.


create intent


While creating intent, you need to fill the below information




User Says:

Add the possible variants of the user queries to the bot separating it by pressing enter.


Bot response:

Set the bot response for the queries of “User Says”. i.e what should be the chatbot response for the queries you added in above user says section.

You can set bot response in the form of text, flow  or conversation.




In the above example of hotel chatbot, an intent named Hotel Room booking is created in which user expressions (queries) are added and the response is set with the flow of “Travel Date”

Once the intent is created, go to Entity section from the dashboard and create entity from the right.

How Intents Work?

Whenever user enters any query related to the intents of your bot, at that time appropriate intent gets triggered from the AI. You can also help bot to detect particular phrase from the complex queries with the help of entity that is explained in the entity section.