The login feature helps the users to login/ sign up within the bot itself. They will not have to go to any external 3rd party website and complete any action related to your bot.

For example- If you want your users to directly login to your dashboard they can easily do it with the help of this feature. They don't need to go to your website.


Different from inline URL Display

Inline URL Display and login performs the same activity to open the URL within the bot. But the functionality of both the items is different.

With login, users can login to portals from the chatbot using their mobile number/customer ID or email Id. And request for information that will trigger within the bot itself.

For example- Suppose you have a banking bot. Here the customer can login to their account with their customer ID and further to that if they require details like balance amount, last transaction detail or more, they will receive it within the bot.

Here we also set some extra code at the backend that sets attributes for logged in user