Quick Reply

Quick reply helps you to ask questions to your users along with options. These options can invoke flows as well but they are not mandatory.  



This item has other features that will help you to make your bot smarter, like:

  • Attributes
  • Skip with no confirmation
  • Skip with confirmation
  • Advance


The response given by the user can be saved by using attributes. For example, here we have set the attribute as {{gender}}. The bot will save this attribute, which can be used later while sending a targeted broadcast.





Skip Item

When you’ve set an attribute you will see a drop down of skip this item. This option will only appear when the attribute is set.



For example, if in your other flows, the same information is needed you can skip the process by selecting from the given two options:

  • Skip with no confirmation- 
    Here the bot with skip the process without confirming the detail.

  • Skip with confirmation- 
    Here the bot will ask the user a question to confirm if the detail is correct.



The advance section consists of two elements: error message and hide user input.




Error message-
If the user doesn’t select from the given option, and types any other kind of input. The error message in the box will be triggered.

Hide user input-
Using this item, the user will not get any option to type any input. The only action they can take is to select from the given options.




Watch a quick video of the Quick reply item.