Quick reply

In quick reply, you can add questions you want to ask along with the options as button names. It allows the users to quickly reply from the available options given by you. With the options, you can invoke flows as well.

This item has other features that will help you to make your bot smarter, like:

  • Attributes
  • Skip with no confirmation
  • Skip with confirmation
  • Advance


You can save your user response by creating attributes. For example, Here the attribute {{gender}} will be saved and it can be used later while sending targeted broadcast.




Skip Item

When the user's response gets saved as an attribute then you get an option to skip the attribute if the value exists.

For instance, in the flow of your chatbot if the attribute is recorded once which is to be used in other flows, then there is no need to ask for the same information again from the user.

When you go for skip item, it will give you two options:



  • Skip with no confirmation: Here the bot with skip the process without confirming the details.
  • Skip with confirmation: The bot will ask the user a question to confirm if the attribute is correct



You will see this button below the skip item sections.

Here if the user's reply is something different from the options you have set in your quick reply item, then the bot will send the query typed by the user to AI of your bot. The AI will study the query and trigger a response that matches the user's intent.

In the below video, you will see an example of Advance.



The user's query in the above video is “Head pain” the bot has given a response to book an appointment. Here the bot understood the user intent of consultation for the pain and suggested to book an appointment.