Variable can be used to perform mathematical expressions between values, attributes and can be stored in a variable. The result of the variable can be used to display anywhere in the flow. Use it to set, reset or perform any storage based on flow or user's activity.

Give the Variable name and in front of variable, give the value to be assigned in the variable. It can be any mathematical operations from Plus, Minus, Division and Multiplication (+,-,/,*).


For Example: If you want to display the discount amount in the flow, then you can perform operation between actual amount and the discount amount. This will save the discount value in the variable to display it further.




Here under variable, you will see delete this variable button. Using this option you can delete the value of any variable when needed. Let us understand this feature with an example.

If in a bot flow, you ask users to insert their age and their contact information, But you only want to display their contact information and not the age, then after asking for the age, you can delete the variable.