User Input

This item helps you to get input from the users. Most of the user inputs can have questions like:

  • Can I know your name?
  • Please share your email id.
  • Can you please share your contact number?



To set a user input you will have to fill in:

  • Message to your user-
    Here you will have to fill in the question to get the desired input
  • Validation-
    The form in which you desire to get the input. Text, number, Email id etc.
  • Attribute
    Set an attribute to save that input.  

Standard Validations

To get input from the user you will have to enter your message and set standard validations. The standard validations are:

  • Text: If the answer is expected in the form of text
  • Phone: If the answer is expected to be a Phone number
  • Email: If the answer is expected to be an Email ID
  • Number: If the answer is expected to be a number
  • Attachment: If you want to give the option to attach a document in the bot then select the validation as attachment in the user input.
    Note: Maximum size allowed to upload the document is 900kb
  • Custom: You can also customize the validation as per the requirement to get an appropriate response from the user.

Custom validation will require more details than the above-mentioned ones. It will require

  • Name of the validation
  • Regular expression

Custom validation expression is compulsory. To understand custom validation more clearly, watch the video below.


Skip item

Once you’ve received an input from the user and saved it as an attribute. You can skip the attribute if the same input is going to be asked again in your other flows. There two ways in which you can skip the input.

  • Skip with no confirmation -
    Here the bot with skip the process without confirming the details

  • Skip with confirmation -
    The bot will ask the user a question to confirm if the attribute is correct



Under advance, you will have to set an error message if the user’s reply is not as per the given requirement.