Now let’s see how you can set the conversational engine for your bot.

Firstly, to use the conversational engine you will need to mail us to get access. It will stay disable till you don’t get access. 

After getting access to the conversational engine you will reach the engine dashboard there you will see two major keys: Action and conversation on the left-hand side of the screen.

Start by creating actions by clicking on create actions.

Depending upon the number of actions your bot is going to perform that many number of actions need to be created.  Continuing our restaurant bot example we can create actions like.

  • Asking the number of people
  • Type of cuisine
  • Time and date
  • Making reservation
  • Location
  • Additional requirements 

When you click on action you will have to set the name of your action and the message that the bot should trigger.  You can add a button to your message and choose a flow or a URL to direct your users.


You can set your message from items like text, quick reply, image, gallery, user input and JSON API. To understand each item you can visit the workflow section of this document to know their functionalities.

When you are done filling in details click on save and in the same way create other actions as per your requirement.