Floatbot UNO

End-to-End, Gen AI-Powered, Full-Stack Conversational AI Platform

Revolutionize your customer service and support capabilities. Floatbot UNO is here to empower your business with cutting-edge AI technology. Our SaaS-based, no-code GenAI-powered conversational AI platform is designed to help businesses build AI agent assist bots, self-service chatbots, and voicebots that elevate customer interactions to new heights.


All-in-One Generative AI-Powered Conversational AI Solution

 AI Agents
  • Unified Chatbot, Voicebot, and Textbot
    • Human-like voice conversations 
    • 100% Gen AI-powered
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Multi-lingual, Omni-channel integration with 15+ touch points 
    • Hybrid Voicebot and Text bot/SMS bot 
    • Seamless fallback from Voice to Text and Live Chat 
    • Pre-integrates with popular contact center, payment systems, and telephony platforms  
 Live Chat
  • Live Chat with Co-Browsing
    • Real-time engagement through Live Chat & Audio/Video calls 
    • Co-Browsing for visual guidance without additional downloads + recording 
    • File Sharing 
    • Highlighting, Data Field Masking, and Document Signing 
 AI Agent Assist
  • Augment Agent Productivity 
    • Available for chat-based and voice-based interactions 
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Sentiment and intent analysis 
    • Workflows and decision trees 
    • Real-time suggestions/nudges 
    • Compliance 
    • 50+ Real-time call analytics 
  • ASR-as-a-Service
    • 95%+ Accuracy
    • Response time < 50 milliseconds
    • Voice biometrics
    • Easy to use UI
    • Supported on cloud, on-prem, private cloud, hybrid
    • Allows fine-tuning with 100-300 hours of customer data
    • Industry-specific models

Omni-Channel Integration

Efficient Multichannel Presence 

Effortlessly cover diverse customer-facing digital channels, providing customers the freedom to connect through their preferred platforms, including Text/SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, website, mobile app, Telegram, and beyond. 

Advanced AI Capabilities 

Comes equipped with advanced cognitive search and generative AI capabilities. This ensures a personalized level of interaction and problem-solving for customers. 

Streamlined Customer Support Launch 

Launching a customer support chatbot with Floatbot is a streamlined process, enabling you to bring it to life within a matter of hours. This quick deployment ensures that you can enhance your customer support promptly. 

  Use Cases

Cross-Platform Architecture that Adapts to Any Use Case

Operates across various platforms and devices, ensuring a consistent experience regardless of industry. Scales effortlessly, accommodating the demands of changing needs.


A Deep-Tech Conversational AI Engine (KPIs)

 Gen-AI and LLM
Capabilities of the Core Engine
  • NLP/NLU Engine in 150+ languages 
  • AI Conversational Engine 
  • Voice Engine
  • Speech to Text 
  • Text to Speech 
  • Speech adaptation for better accuracy 
  • Unsupervised Learning 
  • End-to-end (ETE) deep learning-based models 
  • Performs with noisy environments 
  • Speech-to-text as a Service (API) 
  • Voice Biometric as a Service (API) 
Performance Metrics 
  • Comes with Cognitive Search
  • Powered by GenAI and LLMs 
  • 91%+ NLP Accuracy 
  • 95%+ Speech to Text Accuracy 
  • Less than 500 ms overall call response time 
  • Less than 100 ms NLP/NLU (ETE processing) 
  • Less than 50 ms STT & TTS (ETE processing) 
  • Proven 30% higher accuracy than Google ASR in Singapore English 
  • Language wise accuracy (international or Indian) 

Our Powerful, Versatile LLM Stack

Agent M

Agent M is a powerful enterprise Generative AI-driven Large Language Model or ChatGPT-based Master Agent developer framework. It lets you create multiple LLM-based Agents that can do natural language-based interaction over your document or data or application. Agent M serves as an orchestrator, seamlessly coordinating between multiple agents that perform various tasks - making natural language-based API calls, connecting to your data, and automating complex conversations.

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Breakthrough LLM model powered by 100% generative AI, architected for low-latency, enterprise grade stability, that allows fine-tuning with your conversational data, knowledge-base and documents. VoiceGPT can be used with real-time AI Agents (Chatbot or Voicebot) or real-time AI Agent Assist, effortlessly handling complex conversations, tasks and automating operations. Dial+1 (806)-705 5073 or +91-278-663-005 or try it on chat.

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Cognitive Search

Enable your bots to self-learn from diverse sources like website pages, knowledgebase, PDFs, and Word documents. No more manual intent creation or extensive training.

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Coming Soon
LLM Trainer

Fine-tune your LLM with a few clicks. An effortless and efficient tool to customize and improve the performance of your LLM. Train it with ChatGPT 3.5 or other open-source foundational LLMs.


Interaction Analytics


Key Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, sentiments, and intent through the interaction analytics tool, optimizing your understanding of user interactions.


Session Panel Access

Use the session panel to read and analyze actual conversations between bots and customers, providing a direct and detailed view of customer interactions. You can also export and download the reports if required.


Improving Customer Experience

Empower agents with analytics-driven insights to identify and address pain points, enhancing overall customer experience and satisfaction.


Bot Performance Optimization

Utilize analytics to refine bot responses, aligning them with customer expectations and improving the overall effectiveness of your automated interactions.


Increasing Sales and Conversions

Leverage interaction analytics to analyze successful customer behaviors, train agents to capitalize on effective communication strategies, and boost sales and conversions.


Faster Deployment Cycle Using No-Code/Low-Code


Generative AI Models

Floatbot UNO leverages innovative generative AI models, including ChatGPT and LLM prompts, to create natural and human-like responses for a wide range of use cases. No more robotic interactions.


Customization & Guardrails

We understand that every business is unique, which is why Floatbot UNO allows you to customize and establish guardrails around the AI models to align with your specific business environment. Tailor the AI to your brand's personality and values.


Seamless Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading contact center solutions such as Genesys, NICE InContact, AVAYA, Cisco WebEx, and more. This ensures that Floatbot UNO can seamlessly fit into your existing infrastructure, making the transition to AI-driven customer service a breeze.


Multi-Lingual Support

In a global marketplace, language should never be a barrier. Floatbot UNO supports 150+ languages, enabling you to connect with customers around the world effortlessly.


Faster Deployment Cycle Using No-Code or Low-Code 

No more prolonged deployment cycles as our intuitive interfaces empower both tech and non-tech users to effortlessly design, deploy, and refine chatbots at an unprecedented pace. With rapid iterations – make real-time adjustments, stay agile, and respond swiftly to user feedback. 


Floatbot UNO is Developer-Friendly

No-Code API Building

Effortlessly create APIs without coding expertise. Our platform empowers developers and non-developers alike to build and deploy APIs seamlessly, reducing complexity and accelerating development processes.

Simplified Campaign Triggering

Streamline campaign triggering with simplicity. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface for initiating and managing campaigns, reducing the intricacies of the process and ensuring a straightforward experience for users. 

Effortless Data Interactions

Floatbot UNO simplifies data handling, allowing users to engage with and manipulate data effortlessly, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Bot-as-a-Service Integration

Integrate Bots effortlessly into your applications. Our platform, designed with developers in mind, enables seamless Bot-as-a-Service integration. Enhance user experiences and automate processes with minimal coding efforts, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration journey.

  AI Dialer 

Voice Gateway or AI Dialer 

The Voice Gateway or AI Dialer empowers your system to handle voice-based interactions efficiently. It serves as a foundation for Voicebot interactions during inbound calls. 


Transform your customer support and agent assistance capabilities through the integration of our innovative Generative AI-powered stack with leading CCaaS and CPaaS platforms. Experience a new level of automation that enhances customer satisfaction and enriches the overall customer journey. 

We are Cloud-Agnostic 

Floatbot UNO comes with versatile hosting solutions, allowing you to seamlessly choose between multi-tenant cloud, private-cloud, or on-premise options. Agnostic to cloud providers, it provides the flexibility needed for your specific requirements.  

High Availability and Security 

Our containerized architecture ensures high availability, disaster recovery, in-country hosting, and efficient resource utilization, offering a secure and resilient infrastructure for your operations. 

  Contact Center

Pre-Integrates with CCaaS, Banking & Insurance Platforms, and Knowledgebases