Corporate Banking

Transforming Corporate Banking with Gen AI-Powered Conversational AI Solutions

Corporate banking

Floatbot.AI Solutions for Digital-First Banks

  • Omnichannel Chatbots, Textbots 
    • Omni-channel integration with 15+ touch-points 
    • RAG-powered Cognitive Search 
    • Fall back to live chat 
    • Co-browsing 
    • Text bot/SMS bot 
    • Seamless fallback from text to voice 
    • Agent M /Generative AI / ChatGPT integration 
  • Augment Agent Productivity 
    • Available for chat-based and voice-based interactions 
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Sentiment and intent analysis 
    • Workflows and decision trees 
    • Real-time nudges 
    • Compliance 
    • 50+ Real-time call analytics 
  • Voicebots
    • Human-like voice conversations 
    • 100% Gen AI-powered 
    • Multi-lingual 
    • Seamless fallback from Voice to Text 
    • Pre-integrates with popular contact center, payment systems, and telephony platforms
 Live Chat
  • Live Chat with Co-Browsing for Digital Onboarding
    • Real-time engagement through Live Chat & Audio/Video calls 
    • Co-Browsing for visual guidance without additional downloads + recording 
    • File Sharing 
    • Highlighting, Data Field Masking, and Document Signing 

Experience Zone

  • Increase digital sales
  • Automate customer support
  • Enhance digital onboarding
  • Boost agent productivity
  • Data-driven bot optimization
  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Gain ROIs that Empower your Future

support cost


Cut down support costs by 40%

3x faster


Onboard customers 3x faster

Automate query


Automate query-resolution by 90%

Boost agent


Boost agent productivity by 50%

Increase CSAT


Increase CSAT score by 80% 

product sales


Elevate product sales by 150%

achieve automation


Achieve automation by up to 60%


Unified Platform for Building Intelligent, Multilingual, Data-Driven Bots

Hybrid platform

Powerful hybrid platform

  • Develop Chatbots and Voicebots in One Unified Platform
  • Pre-integrated with Contact Center Solutions like Five9, Ameyo, Cisco, Genesys, and Avaya.
  • Seamlessly Switch Between Voice and Chat Without Losing Sessions
  • Easy-to-Use, DIY No-Code Platform
eamless omni-channel

Seamless omni-channel experience

  • Launch bots on customers’ favorite channels
  • Supported on Various Channels - Web Portal, Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, WhatsApp
  • Provides Customer Choice for Interaction
Rich module

Rich modular platform

  • Leverage Advanced, Plug and Play Modules
  • Pre-built Modules: NLP, Conversational Engine, ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition - Speech to Text), TTS (Text to Speech)
  • Option to Use External Services Like Google Dialogflow, Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, or Microsoft Azure
  • Combine with Floatbot's Modules for Enhanced Capabilities
Hybrid platform

Vast knowledgebase

  • Develop intelligent bots with reliable data
  • Terabytes of knowledgebase for finance verticals
  • Proven maturity and scalability of AI platform
  • Optional AI modules/layers based on your requirements
Multi-lingual capability

Multi-lingual capability

  • Interact with customers in their native language
  • Automatic translation for 150+ languages, including Spanish and French
  • Configurable voicebot for corporate banking and NLP layers in multiple languages
  • Speech detector module for language detection and response
Robust analytics

Robust analytics and reporting

  • Gain valuable insights into bot performance
  • Monitor user interactions, conversion rates, and engagement
  • Track key metrics for continuous improvement
  • Access comprehensive reports for informed decision-making
  • Optimize and fine-tune bots based on analytics data

Seamless Banking Experience with Smart Assistance & Secure Transactions


Ensure Seamless, Secure Transactions

GDPR and SOC2 Compliant
ISO 900 & ISO 2700 Certified

From first notice of loss (FNOL) insurance filing to real-time claim status enquiries, thorough investigation & verification, and lightning-fast claim settlements, our Gen AI Agents (chatbots and voicebots) and excel at every critical stage. Streamline document upload, FNOL validation, and assessment for swift claims automation.


Provide Intelligent Assistance

Ensure a delightful digital experience for your customers with our banking chatbot. They can easily find out the exchange rates of different currencies and get information on service fees and commissions.


Enable Seamless Transactions

With AI in corporate banking, allow your customers to seamlessly manage accounts involving multiple currencies, track transactions, whether domestic or international. They can also monitor the status of transactions, whether they are approved, pending, or rejected.


Ensure Growth

Recommend products that suit your customers' needs with banking bots in corporate banking. Out chatbots will send timely notifications regarding inadequate balances, pending invoices, and approval requests. Process your customers' requests immediately. Increase the sales of your banking products, such as business loans, investments, and insurance.


Pre-Integrated with Leading Banking Platforms