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per month
  • 1 bot
  • 500 mins or sessions



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  • 2 bots
  • 10000 mins or sessions



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  • 2 bots
  • 25000 mins or sessions



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Chatbot or Voicebot

$99 -
Essential Growth Enterprise
AI Services
Agent M, LLM based Master Agent Framework*
Cognitive Search
Integration with popular third-party LLM for Prompt engineering
Intent, Entity, Classify models
Custom NLP
Custom Cognitive Search models
Custom Speech AI models
Custom LLM Models
Cognitive Search (Knowledge-base Source)
Cognitive Search (Knowledge-base Source) pdf pdf, website pdf, website, standard knowledgebase(s) Сustom
Knowledge-base (KB) No. of Sources 5 20 100 No Limit
KB Upload (MB) up to 10 MB up to 100 MB up to 500 MB No Limit
Pre-defined bot templates, bot store
Access of Floatbot Academy
Chatbot Features
Voice enabled IVA
Maximum Concurrent Chat Sessions 10 100 500 No Limit
Fall-back on Live Agent
Payment gateway Integration
oAuth based user authentication
Voicebot Features
Inbound Call automation
Outbound Call automation
Maximum Concurrent Port 2 50 500 No Limit
Integrate with CPaaS such as Twilio or Plivo (Customer to enter their API keys of Twilio or Plivo)
Pre-integration with popular CCaaS
Pre-recorded audio upload in place of TTS
Orchestration engine to plug and play third-party STT, TTS engine
Pulse rate 60 sec 60 sec 1 sec Custom
Standard Reports
Advance Goal based Reports
Maximum history 90 days 1 year 3 years Forever
Custom Reports
ISO 27001, Soc2 Type2, HIPAA compliance
Work with client to meet custom security compliance

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Lite Essential Growth Enterprise
Per Named Agent
Per Concurrent Agent
Decision Tree
Plus Conversational Workflow, Knowledge-base Optimisation (Cognitive Search)
Sales Nudges, Generative AI, LLM prompts*
Real-time call Analytics
Pre-defined templates
Custom AI models for Knowledge-base optimisation, Cognitive Search, NLP, Speech AI, LLM
*ChatGPT or equivalent GenAI charges MAY be charged as actual additionally (depends on use case and complexity)

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Growth Enterprise
Speech Transcription per hour $1 -
*Each request is rounded up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. For example, if you make three separate requests, each containing 7 seconds of audio, you are billed for 45 seconds (3 × 15 seconds) of audio. Fractions of seconds are included when rounding up to the nearest increment of 15 seconds. That is, 15.14 seconds are rounded up and billed as 30 seconds.