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Floatbot Features

Features Available
Omni-channel integration
In-app (Android, iOS), Messenger integration, Web site integration, Slack, Twitter
Number of bots
Based on your requirement.
Unlimited Users
AI interactions
Based on your requirements.
Unlimited workflows
Broadcast (Customer Engagement interactions)
Customer Engagement Interactions
Based on your requirements.
Login option within Chatbot
Payment/Transaction within Chatbot
Google Home integration
Amazon Alexa integration
Deep API integration
Fallback to Human agent – Live chat
Remove branding
Based on your requirements.

25,000 Add

Broadcasts (customer engagement interactions)

10,000 Add

AI interactions

Additional human agent

Available as per requirement.

Additional AI bot

Available as per requirement.

Consultation or Service pack

Not aware how to create a chatbot or how to apply chatbot to your business?

Don’t worry, you have got our back with our Consultation package. The consultation package helps you to understand how AI bot can boost your business and give you an edge over competitors.

The consultation pack includes-

The consultation pack includes:

  • What AI bot can do for your business – automate customer support, boost customer engagement
  • Set AI bot goals for your business
  • Allow customer executives to switch to live chat
  • How Floatbot can help achieve those goals
  • Bot design and implementation
  • Performance analysis

Need this pack, hit us with your message right away.


Suppose in your campaign. Chatbot sent 10,000 user engagement messages. Out of which 5,000 received it & 1000 AI messages triggered .
With the help of 3 bots, you sent 10,000 user engagement messages. Your bot triggered to 1000 AI messages out of 5000 reach
(Total of 3 bots)
For a particular campaign, you have sent 5000 user engagement messages and took an ad-on from us of 5000 messages. A total of 10000 user engagement messages. Out of which it reached to 8000 in total and bot triggered to 1500 messages


An AI bot is a software that is pre-trained for specific purpose, let that be automating customer support, bill payment, survey or lead generation. Few of the most common AI bots are chatbots, voicebots and imagebots. is actively working on chatbots, voicebots and imagebots.
An AI interactions is a response to any query typed by customer. Whenever a customer types a statement or voice command example: “How do I pay my property tax?” Based on AI rule configured, Floatbot will either reply with a text (example: “To pay property tax, please visit:”) or will trigger a workflow. This will be counted as 1 AI interactions. A workflow triggered can have multiple responses (example: Select type of your property tax number (old type, new type), What is your property tax number, Select mode of payment, Pay), but still it would be counted as 1 AI interactions .
Broadcast (customer engagement interactions) are engaging messages that you send to your user base. You can either send broadcast to all or targeted broadcast to limited users. Example, if your target user base is 4700, than 4700 Broadcast (customer interaction engagement) will be billed to your account.
You will be billed 100% of the user base that broadcast was intended to send. Example, in the filters you selected to send broadcast only to iOS, android and facebook messenger and your total user base across these 3 channels is 3500, you will be billed 3500 Broadcast (customer engagement interaction), irrespective of how many users received the message (because rest may be offline) or viewed the message. It is possible that rest of users will receive message in short-time whenever they come online.
AI interaction is an AI response based on the AI rules you configured in “setup AI” section of bot dashboard. Broadcasts (Customer engagement interaction) are engaging messages that you send from “Engage” section of bot dashboard – could be a targeted, personalised or generic broadcast to your user base.
Unlimited workflows means a user can create unlimited number of chatbot flows in a bot. A good chatbot requires at least 50 – 75 flows. There are platforms that charge USD 10 for 5 flows. Floatbot allows you to configure unlimited flows inside a bot. So go ahead configure your bot in Floatbot.
No, there is no limit on users/customers or there is no billing based on customers. There are platforms that charge you every 100 or 1000 active user base, but Floatbot allows you to have unlimited userbase across all channels.
You can track your AI interactions and Broadcasts (customer engagement interactions) from “Settings” section of Bot dashboard.
A human agent is an individual dedicated person from your side, If the chatbot fails to answer a certain query, the chat can switch to live human chat support and continue the conversation.
We do provide consulting service to help you create best AI chatbot for your industry. For any kind of custom requirements or custom plans, please contact us at
When you decide to upgrade or downgrade the service. You’ll be charged a proportion of amount for the upgrade, depending upon your plan. And receive a proportion of credit for downgrade of the service
No, you don’t need a credit card to sign- up. You can sign-up for free, Credit card would be required when you opt for any of our paid plans.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime from your account dashboard. Alternatively, if you don’t pay your monthly invoice your account will be suspended within 5 days.
Yes, you will lose your data upon cancellation of your service. If your account is suspended because of non-payment than we will keep your data for 90 days from the suspension of your account.

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