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Location Feature Alert: Get User’s Location from your Chatbot using our Latest Feature.

19 Jul 2018

A new feature is live which will hel you to get location from your users nbs A button called location has been added to workflow of the [...]

Floatbot Introduces Telegram Integration

23 Jun 2018

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service Now you can easily intergrate your chatbot to telegram Follow the following stes to know how [...]

Make Smart Conversations with NPL at User Input Level in Floatbot

02 Jun 2018

User inut is one of the key element for building a chatbot With the hel of user inut you can take different inuts from user [...]

Feature Alert: Know your Bot History through Sessions.

02 Jun 2018

Now whenever a user has a conversation with the bot the conversation will be saved in the user's browser as sessions [...]

Let your user logIN or signIN INside the bot itself

24 May 2018

Yes you read it right With our new login sign u feature your user can login sign u to a secific ortal within the bot based on [...]

Floatbot Introduces Skype Integration

16 May 2018

Integrating a chatbot in Skye hels you to interact with your customers in a ersonalized way via chat video or voice Here are the stes of integrating [...]

Integration Alert: Slack Integration is Live on Floatbot

15 May 2018

Slack being a well-known team communication and collaboration latform lenty of businesses communicate through slack its unique features make communication easy with teams And therefore Floatbot introduces [...]

Now share your Floatbot URL with your Users by one click

02 May 2018

Floatbot allows you to make your bot ublic You can share your bot URL by giving it ublic access br To make floatbot ublic Goto settings of [...]

Build Amazon Alexa Chatbot and integrate within 15 Minutes

12 Apr 2018

Amazon is setting a digital trend by revolutionizing the way of roviding a better customer exerience And that trend is the called Amazon Alexa As [...]

Floatbot’s Live Agent Chat is Here

30 Mar 2018

Now you can chat live with your customers when they need your live suort Or if your bot fail to answer then you can automatic switch to [...]

Add Conversational Pauses to give your Messages Some Space.

28 Mar 2018

We all know the ain of reading long messages nbs While reading a long message we generally get lost between words and lainly read them [...]

Zendesk Integration with Floatbot

19 Mar 2018

Floatbot introduces Zendesk integration Now you can connect Floatbot with your Zendesk account Zendesk being the most efficient customer suort latform Almost all [...]

Configure Payments in your Floatbot

15 Mar 2018

Businesses are roviding their customers easy and convenient ways to communicate with them with hel of a chatbot Booking aointments getting information getting an answer to their [...]

Create Multiple Chatbots with Floatbot

13 Mar 2018

A business can have various requirements deending uon the services or roducts offered While imlementing a chatbot for a business it is not necessary that all the [...]

Floatbot Introduces Advance AI for Chatbots

06 Mar 2018

Creating chatbots and adding AI rules to the bot is made easy by floatbot AI rules hel chatbot to understand the user queries and is successful in [...]

Floatbot is Live with its If-Else Feature

21 Feb 2018

One more feature is live for you guys The If-Else feature controls the flow of resonse based on the user rsquo s attribute With this [...]

Increase Customer Engagement by Sending Targeted Broadcasts in Floatbot

16 Feb 2018

Floatbot lets you create targeted broadcasts and send to chatbot users One can send any ersonalized reminders information regular udates olls surveys etc br Use [...]

Floatbot Introduces Variable

23 Jan 2018

Now you can use Variable feature to store values after erforming arithmetic oerations on values or attributes The acceted mathematical oerations are Plus Minus Division and Multilication [...]

Skip item if value exists in User Attribute

19 Jan 2018

You can ski item from the flow if the item consists of value in user attribute If the user have inserted data during the chat in the [...]

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook

15 Jan 2018

Floatbot launches integration with Facebook Now connect your floatbot in your facebook age and engage your customers with ease [...]

How to use floatbot with Google dialogflow account

05 Jan 2018

Dialogflow is develoment suite for building conversational interfaces for website mobile alications messaging latforms and IoT devices Using Dialogflow anyone can build an interface that [...]

Integrate Floatbot with iOS app

23 Dec 2017

Floatbot launches iOS integration Now you can integrate floatbot inside your iOS A Floatbot SDK suorts iOS and later [...]

Integrate floatbot in Android App

22 Dec 2017

Floatbot integration is available in Android A It is ossible to integrate floatbot inside your android a Along with floatbot integration one can also register for sending [...]

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