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Chatbot for Zendesk - 3 Easy Steps to Integrate Chatbot with Zendesk Live Chat on our Platform

04 Apr 2019

Now create a chatbot in floatbot and connect with your existing zendesk live chat in simple steps so that your customers need not to wait if chatbot fails to respond.

Chatbot for Freshdesk - Floatbot chatbot on Freshdesk.

29 Mar 2019

Freshdesk being one of the popular customer support software it helps business provide 24x7 customer support. Now integrate a floatbot to your freshdesk account that helps you keep up to all your customer queries.

Chatbot for WhatsApp - The most powerful integration ever!

28 Mar 2019

We are glad to announce whatsapp integration with floatbot. Now chatbot can help you manage plenty of business inquiries on whatsapp.

Location Feature Alert: Get User’s Location from your Chatbot using our Latest Feature.

19 Jul 2018

Now let your users set their location from the chatbot, Floatbot launching a new location feature which allows users to set their location from Google Maps.

Floatbot Introduces Telegram Integration

23 Jun 2018

Here are the steps of integrating chatbot with telegram.

Make Smart Conversations with NLP at User Input Level in Floatbot

02 Jun 2018

Now you can use NLP at user input which helps bot to detect the exact answer from the response given by user.

Feature Alert: Know your Bot History through Sessions.

02 Jun 2018

You can check history of your interaction with bot. Floatbot's new feature saves All bot interactions in chatbot sessions inside user browser.

Let your user logIN or signIN INside the bot itself

24 May 2018

Now you can allow your users to signup and login from the chatbot itself. Create a floatbot and give it a try.

Floatbot Introduces Skype Integration

16 May 2018

Now integrating chatbot on skype made easy with floatbot. Floatbot introduces Skype integration, follow these simple steps and launch your bot on skype

Integration Alert: Slack Integration is Live on Floatbot

15 May 2018

Floatbot introduces slack integration, follow simple steps to integrate floatbot with slack.

Now share your Floatbot URL with your Users by one click

02 May 2018

Now you can share your bot URL with your users by giving it public access in floatbot. From floatbot settings you can make it hosted and then share it !

Build Amazon Alexa Chatbot and integrate within 15 Minutes

12 Apr 2018

Integrating chatbot to amazon alexa made easy now. Create a chatbot on floatbot and float on alexa in few minutes. Here are the integration steps of floatbot with amazon alexa.

Floatbot’s Live Agent Chat is Here

30 Mar 2018

Live agent chat in chatbot is here. Now business agents can chat live with the users from floatbot whenever required. Users can request for live chat and the floatbot will automatically switch to live agent chat. also if floatbot is unable to respond then it will switch to live chat automatically.

Add Conversational Pauses to give your Messages Some Space.

28 Mar 2018

Now you can add pause to your floatbot flow. Floatbot introduces pause feature to deliver the best conversational experience for your bot.

Zendesk Integration with Floatbot

19 Mar 2018

Floatbot introduces Zendesk Integration, Now you can manage floatbot conversations from zendesk dashboard. Your customer's floatbot conversations are displayed inside Zendesk, so that you can manage your customer support from one place.

Configure Payments in your Floatbot

15 Mar 2018

Facilitate your consumers by configuring payment options inside the chatbot. Floatbot allows you to integrate payments with ease.

Create Multiple Chatbots with Floatbot

13 Mar 2018

For different requirements of your business create multiple chatbots easily. Sign-up for floatbot and then you can create multiple chatbots inside one account as per selected pricing plan.

Floatbot Introduces Advance AI for Chatbots

06 Mar 2018

Setup Advance AI in floatbot to help your bot understand user intents more accurately. Now there is option to setup AI in two different modules so that your chatbot can understand user's complex queries.

Floatbot is Live with its If-Else Feature

21 Feb 2018

Floatbot is introducing its If-else feature, it can be used to go to a specified flow or any item of the flow if the condition gets true. The condition compares the attribute value with the specified value and accordingly Go to other flow.

Increase Customer Engagement by Sending Targeted Broadcasts in Floatbot

16 Feb 2018

Use Engage feature in Floatbot to send targeted broadcast messages to customers, send latest updates, new offers, surveys etc to increase customer engagement

Floatbot Introduces Variable

23 Jan 2018

Create interactive chatflows in floatbot with the help of variables. Perform arithmetic operations between variables and store directly inside a variable.

Skip item if value exists in User Attribute

19 Jan 2018

By creating chatbot using Floatbot, you can skip inputs of user if the value is already entered once by user. This will not only enhance chatbot flow but makes chatbot flow look natural and more interactive. Create a chatbot Today !!

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook

15 Jan 2018

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook page, Creating a chatbot is easy with Floatbot. Create a chatbot and follow the steps to connect to Facebook, you can also watch video for same.

How to use floatbot with Google dialogflow account

05 Jan 2018

Connect your Google Dialogflow Account with Floatbot in 5 Minutes !! And create chatbot for your business.

Integrate Floatbot with iOS app

23 Dec 2017

Integrate chatbot in iOS App, Now Floatbot launches iOS integration. Floatbot SDK supports iOS 8.0 and later. Follow these steps to integrate chatbot in your iOS App.

Integrate floatbot in Android App

22 Dec 2017

Integrate chatbot in Android App, Now Floatbot integration is available in Android App. It is possible to integrate chatbot inside your android app. Along with floatbot integration one can also register for sending broadcast messages and enable iBeacon support for android app.

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