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Increase Customer Engagement by Sending Targeted Broadcasts in Floatbot


Floatbot lets you create targeted broadcasts and send to chatbot users. One can send any personalized reminders, information, regular updates, polls, surveys etc.

Use any item to create broadcast and send to targeted audience.


Floatbot Introduces Variable


Now you can use Variable feature to store values after performing arithmetic operations on values or attributes. The accepted mathematical operations are Plus, Minus, Division and Multiplication (+,-, /,*).

The result of the variable can be used to d...

Skip item if value exists in User Attribute


You can skip item from the flow if the item consists of value in user attribute. If the user have inserted data during the chat in the chatbot and the attribute consist of value, then you can skip the item and use the saved attribute value. In case if the f...

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook


Floatbot launches integration with Facebook. Now connect your floatbot in your facebook page and engage your customers with ease.

How to use floatbot with Google dialogflow account


Dialogflow is development suite for building conversational interfaces for website, mobile applications, messaging platforms and IoT devices.

Using Dialogflow anyone can build an interface that is capable enough of natural and rich interactions betwe...

Integrate Floatbot with iOS app


Floatbot launches iOS integration. Now you can integrate floatbot inside your iOS App. Floatbot SDK supports iOS 8.0 and later.

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