Agent Assist

Enhance Agent Productivity
with Conversational AI

Your customer support agents don’t have to struggle to find the relevant information while talking (or texting) to customers. AI-powered virtual assistants are here to help

Innovative solutions
tailored to your business needs

Virtual Assistant
Ask to a
Virtual Assistant

When your support agents are talking to customers, they can ask the virtual assistant (a chat and voice interface) to find a piece of specific information. This way, they don’t have to sift through the pages of the script or other documents

Voice IN – Chat OUT
(Get Automated Suggestions)

A virtual assistant listens to the call and provides real-time suggestions to the customer support agent to answer. An intelligent agent assistant can understand the context, intent, and sentiments of the conversation

Automated Suggestions
Find Information
Find Information from
Unstructured Documents

Agent assistants can crawl through your unstructured document and fetch relevant, useful information

Train AI bot with unstructured knowledgebase

The intelligent agent assist bot can learn from the unstructured knowledgebase

Train AI Bot
Business Benefits

Increase Agent

AI-powered virtual assistants take care of the tedious process of finding information, so your support agents can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience

Reduce Mean Time to Resolve
(MTTR) of Customer Issues

Find information faster with virtual assistants and avoid keeping your customers waiting. Customers love it when you resolve their issues faster

Cut Down Customer
Support Costs

Improved agent productivity means lower customer costs. Automate manual, repetitive work with agent assistants

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