Launch GENERATIVE AI POWERED Agent Assist Bot within Hours

You don't need to train the bot over thousands of intents. Through unsupervised learning, AI Agent Assist self-learns from unstructured data - website pages, scripts, documents, pdf, Word, and knowledge base.

Chat-Based AI Agent Assist

Understand how the bot enhances your agents' ability to interact with customers via text-based communication.

Voice-Based AI Agent Assist

Learn how the bot supports your agents during customer calls.

Leverage Deep Tech AI to Optimize
Conversations with Customers
Workflows and Decision Tree

Based on the conversation with the customer, the bot

  • Suggest intent-driven answer.
  • Triggers appropriate workflows.
  • Enables decision tree.
Workflows And Decision Tree
Optimize Knowledgebase
Optimize Knowledgebase

The bot has Cognitive QnA capabilities - It performs QnA on unstructured KB, past cases, PDF, and website content to resolve user queries in less than 5 seconds.

  • Self-learning NLP.
  • Powered by Advance NLU, Semantic Search, and Fuzzy Matching.
  • Seamless integration with third-party Knowledge-base.
Get Real-time Suggestions/Nudges

The Agent Assist tool listens to calls (and monitors chat), understands context and intents, and provides real-time suggestions/nudges when the agent is talk (or chatting) to the customer. The bot is specifically trained for pre-sales, and sales conversations.

Get Real-time Suggestions/Nudges
Real-time User Sentiment Analysis
Real-time User Sentiment Analysis

Agent Assist detects user sentiments and guides agents to take appropriate actions - it makes customers feel you care about them and helps you win their trust and loyalty.

Real-Time Agent Feedback

The bot ensures that agents are performing optimally. It regularly looks for the scope for improvement and guides agents accordingly.

Real-Time Agent Feedback

The bot helps ensure your human agents adhere to rules and regulations and flags any inappropriate behaviors.

Pre-integrated with
Popular Knowledge-bases
Atalassian KMS Salesforce Oracle Zendesk
Business Benefits
Boost Agent Productivity
Boost Agent Productivity

Thanks to Agent Assist, human agents can focus on creating better customer experiences rather than wasting time looking for information in the script of other documents.

Reduce MTTR
Reduce Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) of Customer Issues

With AI Agent Assist in place, agents always know what to say. It leads to faster resolution of customer queries and lower MTTR.

Cut Down Customer Support Costs
Cut Down Customer Support Costs

Real-time Agent Assist saves a great deal of time, enabling human agents to attend to more customers and reducing the average cost per customer.

average call response time

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