Contact Center Automation

Contact Center Automation

Build intelligent solutions on top of Floatbot NEO’s advanced ASR technology

  • Understands different dialects and accents
  • Transcribes your calls in real-time with high accuracy
  • Helps you build intelligent Voicebots
  • Enables you to respond immediately to your customers
  • Provides powerful insights into customer behavior, intent, and sentiments
Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Build intelligent Conversational AI Voicebots with Floatbot NEO to automate your customer interactions and cut down operational costs

  • Enables human-like conversations
  • High accuracy and low word error rate (WER)
  • High transcription speed
Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Derive powerful insights from interactions with your customers and enhance your business strategies.

We leverage artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and our custom models to analyze how the customer felt during the call or in what circumstances the customer decided to drop off the conversation.



Transcribe audios with high transcription speed and with high accuracy. Even low-quality audios are transcribed with a low Word Error Rate (WER)

Traditional ASR Solutions

Traditional ASR Solutions

  • Low Accuracy
  • Higher latency
  • No on-premise or private cloud support
  • No control over accuracy or latency
  • One model fits all
  • Don’t allow Fine-tuning
  • High Cost (Pay per API or pay per minute)
ASR as a Service

Floatbot NEO - ASR as a Service

  • 95%+ Accuracy
  • Response time < 50 milliseconds
  • Can be Deployed Easily on Cloud, On-Premise, Private cloud and Hybrid Environment
  • Pricing per port or per concurrent call session (with unlimited inbound/outbound calls per port or concurrent call session)
  • Allows fine-tuning with 100-300 hours of customer data - Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase
  • Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase
  • Industry specific models
  • Value-Based Pricing
Deep Tech AI Capabilities
Speech to Text Accuracy 95%+ Speech
to Text Accuracy
Transcription Speed 30 milliseconds
transcription speed

< 50 MS

(ETE processing)
Supported Languages
  • Check Mark ENGLISH
  • Check Mark FRENCH
  • Check Mark ITALIAN
  • Check Mark ARABIC
  • Check Mark HINDI
  • Check Mark SPANISH
  • Check Mark CHINESE
  • Check Mark POLISH
Pay per API
Pay per API

You can also pay based on the API requests you make to Floatbot NEO