Contact Center Automation

Contact Center Automation

Leverage advanced ASR (Automatic speech recognition) capabilities to boost contact center efficiency

  • Build AI-Powered Voicebots to automate inbound/outbound calls
  • Overcome the challenge of customers speaking different dialects and accents
  • Transcribe customer calls in real-time for Quality Assurance
  • Generate actional able business insights from audio data
  • Build AI Agent Assist that listens to customer calls and suggests real-time answers for human-agents
Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Develop AI-powered Voicebots and voice-enabled Chatbots to automate conversations with customers across channels, both Voice and Text

  • Automate customer support (inbound calls)
  • Automate telemarketing (Outbound calls)
  • Facilitates human-like conversations
  • Yields high transcription accuracy (up to 95%) and low word error rate (WER)
  • Transcribes audio in real-time
  • Supports both active and passive audio
Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Build advanced speech analytics tools on top of deep tech ASR (automatic speech recognition)

  • Derive actionable business insights from conversations happening with customers
  • Understand and analyze customer intents and sentiments during the calls
  • Understands what prompts the customer to quit the conversation


Transcribe audios with high transcription speed and with high accuracy. Even low-quality audios are transcribed with a low Word Error Rate (WER)

Traditional ASR Solutions

Traditional ASR Solutions

  • Low Accuracy
  • Higher latency
  • No on-premise or private cloud support
  • No control over accuracy or latency
  • One model fits all
  • Don’t allow Fine-tuning
  • High Cost (Pay per API or pay per minute)
ASR as a Service

Floatbot NEO - ASR as a Service

  • 95%+ Accuracy
  • Response time < 50 milliseconds
  • Can be Deployed Easily on Cloud, On-Premise, Private cloud and Hybrid Environment
  • Pricing per port or per concurrent call session (with unlimited inbound/outbound calls per port or concurrent call session)
  • Allows fine-tuning with 100-300 hours of customer data - Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase
  • Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase
  • Industry specific models
  • Value-Based Pricing
Deep Tech AI Capabilities
Speech to Text Accuracy 95%+ Speech
to Text Accuracy
Transcription Speed 30 milliseconds
transcription speed

< 50 MS

(ETE processing)
Supported Languages
  • Check Mark ENGLISH
  • Check Mark FRENCH
  • Check Mark ITALIAN
  • Check Mark ARABIC
  • Check Mark HINDI
  • Check Mark SPANISH
  • Check Mark CHINESE
  • Check Mark POLISH
Pay per API
Pay per API

You can also pay based on the API requests you make to Floatbot NEO