Floatbot NEO

Floatbot NEO – ASR-as-a-Service 

Tap into the full potential of your voice-based applications by integrating NEO-ASR-as-a-Service. By leveraging innovative Speech-to-Text and Automatic Speech Recognition, experience real-time audio transcription with a higher level of accuracy, reaching up to 95%. 

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Hi, my home insurance is up for renewal. Can you help me with that?
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Experience Zone

  • Contact center automation 
  • Automate inbound calls 
  • Automate outbound calls 
  • Transcribe audios 
  • Speech analytics 
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Floatbot Supports Numerous Languages

English language English
Hindi language   Hindi
French language  French
Spanish language  Spanish
Italian language  Italian
Chinese language  Chinese
Arabic language  Arabic
Polish language   Polish
Hebrew language  Hebrew
Croatian language  Croatian
Malay language  Malay
Nepali language  Nepali
German language    German
Hungarian language   Hungarian
Macedonian language  Macedonian
Welsh language  Welsh
  Advanced AI

Deep-Tech ASR Technology to Build Advanced Voice Applications  


Accurate Speech Detection with 99% Accuracy


Supported on Cloud, On-Premise, Private Cloud, & Hybrid 


Start of Speech and End of Speech (VAD) Support 


Supports 10+ Languages 


4x Faster Transcription  


Simple, Easy-to-Use UI  


95%+ Speech to Text Accuracy 

30 millsec.

30 Milliseconds Transcription Speed 


Real-Time Streaming Mode or Batch Mode 

  Powerful ASR-as-a-Service

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 Why Floatbot.AI

NEO – ASR vs Traditional ASR Services 

  • 95%+ Accuracy
  • Response Time < 50 milliseconds 
  • Can be Deployed Easily on Cloud, On-Premise, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Environment
  • Pricing per port or per concurrent call session (with unlimited inbound/outbound calls per port or concurrent call session) 
  • Allows fine-tuning with 100-300 hours of customer data - Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase 
  • Speech adaptation (post processing of ASR) based on customer’s knowledgebase 
  • Industry-Specific Models
  • Value-Based Pricing 
 Other ASR Services 
  • Low Accuracy 
  • Higher Latency
  • No Flexibility of On-Premise or Private Cloud Deployment
  • No Control Over Accuracy or Latency 
  • One-Size-Fits-All Approach
  • Fine-Tuning Restrictions 
  • High-Cost (Pay Per API or Pay Per Minute) 
  Advanced Features

Explore the Power of NEO – ASR-as-a-Service 


Elevate Contact Center Efficiency with Advanced ASR Capabilities

Automate inbound and outbound calls and real-time transcription for quality assurance. Overcoming dialect and accent challenges, NEO generates actionable insights from audio data. Furthermore, it enhances agent performance by providing real-time assistance during customer calls.


Transform Customer Conversations with Gen AI-Powered Conversational AI

Create human-like conversations with chatbots and voicebot, automating telemarketing and customer support calls. Yield high transcription accuracy, up to 95%, and low word error rate (WER).


Build Cutting-Edge Speech Analysis Tools Leveraging Deep-Tech ASR

Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and intents. Derive actionable business insights from conversations. Identify the factors that prompt customers to disengage from conversations.


Precise Transcription with High Standard and Accuracy

Achieve exceptional transcription speed without compromising on precision. Even low-quality audio recordings are transcribed with an impressively low word error rate (WER).


Accurate Speech Detection with 99% Accuracy

Achieve exceptional accuracy rate of 99%, ensuring precise identification and extraction of speech content. Enhance the overall reliability of your applications, providing superior customer support with seamless and accurate speech detection.


4x Faster Transcription

Experience transcription speeds four times faster than conventional methods, with our advanced technology. Enable significant reduction in transcription time, enhancing productivity and responsiveness in various applications.


Simple, Easy-to-Use UI

Simple, Easy-to-Use UI Our user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. The easy-to-navigate UI ensures that users can effortlessly harness the power of our speech detection technology without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.


Supports 10+ Languages

Cater to a global audience with support for over 10 languages. Our speech detection system is equipped to handle a diverse range of linguistic inputs, making it a versatile solution for applications that require multilingual support.


Supported on Cloud, On-Premise, Private Cloud, & Hybrid

Enjoy flexibility in deployment with support for various infrastructure options. Whether your preference is the cloud, on-premise servers, private cloud environments, or a hybrid setup, NEO adapts to your specific requirements.


Start of Speech and End of Speech (VAD) Support

Benefit from Voice Activity Detection (VAD) capabilities that accurately determine the start and end of speech segments. This feature adds precision to the transcription process, ensuring that only relevant audio content is transcribed.


95%+ Speech to Text Accuracy

Achieve superior accuracy in converting spoken words to text with our speech-to-text technology, surpassing a 95% accuracy rate. Deliver reliable and high-quality transcriptions for various applications.


30 Milliseconds Transcription Speed

Experience lightning-fast transcription speeds of just 30 milliseconds, enabling real-time processing of spoken content. Increase rapid response time for applications that require immediate and dynamic speech-to-text conversion.


Real-Time Streaming Mode or Batch Mode

Tailor the speech detection process to your application's needs with the flexibility of real-time streaming mode or batch mode. Choose the mode that aligns with your specific use case, providing versatility in deployment and integration scenarios.