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Benefits you enjoy when you integrate a chatbot on your website.

10 Aug 2018

In no time chatbots are going to be universally acceted by every marketer as their major tool of communication nbs Because of its ability to rovide instant [...]

Compliment your Dialogflow Chatbot with Floatbot's Advance Features

01 Aug 2018

Dialogflow is a oular latform that hels to develo a voice and text-based interface They allow you to create chatbot and let you connect on various latforms [...]

How to Build Conversational Bot with Zendesk Live Chat?

26 Jul 2018

A customer is a king We all truly agree to this A hay customer adds value to your brand while the journey of turning an unhay customer [...]

What is a Chatbot?

02 Jul 2018

We are halfway through of comleting this year but before it ends we don rsquo t want you to turn a blind eye to a technology that [...]

How to Build a Conversational Bot

11 Jun 2018

Automation is the new trend that is roliferating in all industries Which is best achieved with the hel of chatbot technology Day by day new businesses are [...]

10 Things Government Needs to Know About a Chatbot

21 May 2018

Chatbot is a technology that has been swiftly adoted by the rivate sector which has resulted in of the users refer a chatbot as a rimary mode [...]

Kauvery Hospital Launches Floatbot on their website

30 May 2018

As the chatbot technology is emerging our ersective of looking at various asects have changed Changed in the way of dealing with user grievances nbs user engagement [...]

How a Chatbot Integration Solves the Biggest Problem of your Customers?

04 May 2018

We have heard a lot about chatbot and its integrations Integration basically means lacing and integrating your chatbot on various latforms like [...]

Have you Embedded the Modern way of Payment?

20 Apr 2018

Be it any kind of business our world floats around ayments nbs In any industry ayments lay a crucial role We have seen how with [...]

How to Build a Chatbot from Scratch?

18 Apr 2018

Chatbot became a rominent element of the AI technology br Being a owerful tool of communication its imlementation ut brands in a maze Sometimes as [...]

Let’s Chat Sales Today: How can AI Powered Chatbot Fuel up your Sale Strategy.

17 Mar 2018

We have often heard these lines ldquo What more can we do to increase our sales funnel rdquo ldquo Think of some out [...]

Adopt the 5 in 1 Approach for your Facebook Page Right Now !!

28 Feb 2018

Remember the time when Facebook was vigorously growing in the digital market From a teen to a multinational comany everyone wanted to have a Facebook resence but [...]

Why are you still Offline? Your Customers are Waiting for You Online !!

12 Feb 2018

January just feels like yesterday A new month has already come From the first month lan for your business goal to all the modification you will need [...]

How one step by the government changed the whole perspective of Artificial intelligence?

06 Feb 2018

Technologies have a significant characteristic in them ndash Always changing The whole world likes to sustain on certain kind of olicies and transformations but when it comes [...]

Floatbot Contributes in Making Smart Cities in India

26 Jan 2018

Use of chatbots is on its eek now We can say till now almost everyone is aware of chatbots and have used once in their lifetime and [...]

Rajkot Municipal Corporation Launches Floatbot (Chatbot) on its website

19 Dec 2017

Floatbot is roud to announce the launch with Rajkot Municial Cororation RMC on its website for omni channel citizen engagement Dec Rajkot Municial Cororation announced [...]

How Brands can save upto 60% of their time with the help of Floatbot

14 Dec 2017

How brands are imlementing chatbots Chatbots are here since years from now but the only difference is that now its use has become aggressive across [...]

Introducing Floatbot

24 Nov 2017

Floatbot - The first ever Omni-Channel Customer Engagement AI Chatbot Platform With full enthusiasm and excitement Floatbot is announcing its launch today For chatbot enthusiasts [...]

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