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Andhra Bank’s ABHI Chatbot Help Customers Solve their Queries in No Time.

28 Aug 2019

Andhra bank's AI chatbot - powered by floatbot, turns out to be a huge success! Bot solved queries of more than 14,000 customers with approx. 70% of satisfaction ratio in less than 45 days.

Floatbot as AFDB’s Virtual Assistant Served 5,000+ Unique Users in 54th Annual Meeting

12 Jul 2019

AFDB launched virtual assistant powered by floatbot for its 54th annual meeting 2019 held at Malabo

Client on board: CESC bot triggered more than 5000+ AI messages daily, within a week of its launch.

05 Apr 2019

We are happy to have CESC on-board with us and use our solution to meet their communication needs.

Client Study: 5 Important Elements our Clients Asked for while Deploying a Chatbot.

06 Mar 2019

Client study on what chatbot elements are important for our clients. Here are few Chatbot features that are best in use for our valuable clients.

Voicebot: A voicebot guide for 2019!

01 Feb 2019

Here is the guide on what are voice chatbots, types, how to build one and its importance.

3 Things We Can Expect More From Chatbot In 2019.

15 Jan 2019

Chatbots will continue trending in 2019 too. Here are chatbot trends to watch for this year.

A to Z of e-commerce chatbot - A guide on e-commerce chatbot.

23 Nov 2018

A complete guide on ecommerce chatbot, get to know all about importance of ecommerce chatbot and how it can be implemented.

Payworld Case Study - How Real-time Queries got Diverted to a Bot

31 Oct 2018

Payworld launched a chatbot on its portal and here is how it has helped them for their customer queries.

Chatbots in healthcare: A treatment for all patient communication problems.

16 Oct 2018

Here is how healthcare chatbots can solve patients communication issues and saves time.

Artificial intelligence in smart cities - How does it make the city smarter?

28 Sep 2018

Implementation of Artificial intelligence affects a lot to smart cities. Here is how it help citizens to live a better life.

Ways to Make a Chatbot

17 Sep 2018

Confused about making decision about chatbots? Here is how to decide on making a chatbot.

Want to Build AI Bot? Get to know why AI plays a key role in chatbot development?

07 Sep 2018

Consider building AI chatbot as AI plays an important role in chatbot development. Get to know why AI is important for chatbot development.

Benefits you enjoy when you integrate a chatbot on your website.

10 Aug 2018

Here are the benefits of integrating chatbot on website.Every business should consider chatbot for website

Compliment your Dialogflow Chatbot with Floatbot's Advance Features

01 Aug 2018

Floatbot consists of many unique features that can compliment your dialogflow bot. Now add more functionalities to your existing dialogflow chatbot.

How to Build Conversational Bot with Zendesk Live Chat?

26 Jul 2018

Here are the steps we follow to train conversational bot with the live chat data. Follow these steps if you want to teach your bot with your live user queries.

What is a Chatbot?

02 Jul 2018

Have a look at the detailed guide on what is a chatbot and its usefulness for businesses and individuals.

How to Build a Conversational Bot

11 Jun 2018

Here is a short guide on what does conversational AI means and how it works. Read the full post on how you can build a conversatonal bot for you.

10 Things Government Needs to Know About a Chatbot

21 May 2018

Here are the benefits government can get on implementing chatbots for citizens, making a citizen friendly environment with AI chatbots.

Kauvery Hospital Launches Floatbot on their website

30 May 2018

Chatbots in Healthcare sector has proven very successful, almost all kind of tasks can be automated by bots and therefore kauvery hospital launches Floatbot on its website.

How a Chatbot Integration Solves the Biggest Problem of your Customers?

04 May 2018

The biggest challenge for your customer is communication wiith your brand, here is the way how you can solve this by implementing chatbot on various platforms with ease.

Have you Embedded the Modern way of Payment?

20 Apr 2018

Make easy for people to buy your products or services through chatbots, get easy payment configuration with floatbot.

How to Build a Chatbot from Scratch?

18 Apr 2018

Follow these easy steps to make a chatbot with zero coding. Floatbot walks you through the process of building your own bot from scratch.

Chatbot lead generation: How can AI powered chatbot fuel up your sale strategy?

17 Mar 2018

Chatbots are useful in automating various marketing tasks, also it helps in boosting sales.Get to know how AI powered chatbot can fuel up your sales strategy.

Adopt the 5 in 1 Approach for your Facebook Page Right Now !!

28 Feb 2018

Here are the benefits of integrating chatbot to facebook, brands can get maximum out of their facebook marketing strategies.

Why are you still Offline? Your Customers are Waiting for You Online !!

12 Feb 2018

People love to chat and buy in messages, and therefore every business needs to come online with chatbots in 2018. Include chatbots in your business strategy this year.

How one step by the government changed the whole perspective of Artificial intelligence?

06 Feb 2018

India Budget 2018 has a huge allocation for AI and machine learning which shows that India's future will be driven by artificial intelligence

Floatbot Contributes in Making Smart Cities in India

26 Jan 2018

Floatbot contributes in Smart City Mission with the Implementation of Floatbots(chatbot) on Municipal Portals. This helps citizens get quick access to government portals with ease. Also helpful for G2C engagement.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation Launches Floatbot (Chatbot) on its website

19 Dec 2017

Floatbot on Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) website, depicts a decent use of chatbot for government. This will not only be useful in responding to citizen queries instantly but also useful for citizen engagement.

How Brands can save upto 60% of their time with the help of Floatbot

14 Dec 2017

Businesses can save time in customer services, marketing and customer engagement by creating chatbot using floatbot. Bot building platform – Floatbot makes it easy for businesses to engage their potential customers.

Introducing Floatbot

24 Nov 2017

Floatbot is multichannel chatbot development platform to create chatbot in website, mobile app and other messaging platforms. Create chatbot for customer engagement and engage your customers with ease. Use machine learning and NLP to enhance your business efforts.

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