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conversational ai


Automation is the new trend that is proliferating in all industries. Which is best achieved with the help of chatbot technology. Day by day new businesses are trying to implement a bot for their tasks that are mostly time consuming or requires a manpower to...

chatbot in healthcare


As the chatbot technology is emerging, our perspective of looking at various aspects have changed. Changed in the way of dealing with user grievances, user engagement and a need of having a real-time conversation with the u...

gov chatbot


Chatbot is a technology that has been swiftly adopted by the private sector which has resulted in 45% of the users prefer a chatbot as a primary mode of communication of customer service activities.

Solve the biggest problem of your consumers


We have heard a lot about chatbot and its integrations. Integration basically means placing and integrating your chatbot on various platforms like

payments in chatbot


Be it any kind of business, our world floats around payments.  In any industry payments play a crucial role.

We have seen how with time the payment models have evolved.


create chatbot from scratch


Chatbot became a prominent element of the AI technology.
Being a powerful tool of communication, its implementation put brands in a maze.

Sometimes, as a brand you may have failed to get a direction on the creation of a chatbot and questions li...

chatbot in sales


We have often heard these lines

“What more can we do to increase our sales funnel?”

“Think of some out of the box ideas that can generate ...

facebook marketing strategy


Remember the time, when Facebook was vigorously growing in the digital market? From a teen to a multinational company everyone wanted to have a Facebook presence but their preferences were different. The teenager wanted to make ...



January, just feels like yesterday. A new month has already come. From the first month plan for your business goal to all the modification you will need to make. Of all the things that did not work out or points that you missed ...

India's future will be driven by AI


Technologies have a significant characteristic in them – Always changing. The whole world likes to sustain on certain kind of policies and transformations, but when it comes to technologies, we all want to walk hand in hand. These technologies are not...

floatbot contributes in smart cities


Use of chatbots is on its peek now. We can say till now almost everyone is aware of chatbots and have used once in their lifetime and 55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a...

Rmc Chatbot


Floatbot is proud to announce the launch with Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) on its website for omni channel citizen engagement.

11 Dec 2017, Rajkot Municipal Corporation announced the launch of a chatbot on its website. The chatbot is developed ...

Agent Communication


How brands are implementing chatbots

Chatbots are here since years from now but the only difference is that now its use has become aggressive across various industries. Everyone is familiar with its usages and brands have learned its...

multichannel chatbot development platform


Floatbot - The first ever Omni-Channel Customer Engagement AI Chatbot Platform.

With full enthusiasm and excitement Floatbot is announcing its launch today. For chatbot enthusiasts and business owners this is a very good ...

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