Supercharge Contact Center Operations

End-to-End No-Code, Contact Center Voice AI – Powered by Generative AI, LLMs, & VoiceGPT 

Supercharge your contact center with Floatbot’s Voicebot, powered by VoiceGPT. Elevate efficiency and automate 90% of interactions, boost agent productivity, elevate CSAT scores, transcribe calls, all through one powerful solution.

Deep-Tech Features


Human-Sounding voice


Latency: <1 Second 


Bot Interruption




VoiceGPT LLM powered 


API Integration


Hybrid: Workflow + LLM 


Real-Time Call Analytics


Build and Deploy with No-Code/Low-Code Platform

And More
  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Your ROIs at a Glance


Reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)


Improvement in Outbound Call Efficiency

80% to 90%

of Inbound/Outbound Call Automation



Reduction in Errors & Inaccuracies


Reduction in Call Abandonment Rates

Experience Zone

Gen AI-Powered Voicebot

Effortlessly alternate between voice and text, allowing for a smooth two-way transition

  • Automating Claims FNOL
  • Customer Support Calls
  • Sales Inquiries
  • Customer Inquiries
  • Employee IT Help Desk Calls
  • Tele-Marketing Calls
  • Customer Engagement Calls
  • Insurance Renewal Calls
  • Payment Reminder Calls

Deep-Tech AI Voicebot: Automation, Orchestration, & Integration


Human-Sounding Voice

Our voicebot, powered by VoiceGPT comes with a human-like voice that is natural and relatable. Add a level of authenticity and engagement that sets you apart from your competitors. ss


Latency is <1 Second

Experience near-instant responses with latency under one second. Provide immediate assistance, enable seamless interactions, and eliminate delays.


VoiceGPT: Proprietary LLM

Transform voice-based interactions with VoiceGPT, our proprietary LLM. Ensure your voicebot engages customers with natural, context-aware conversations. Make interactions not just functional but truly intuitive and human-like.


Hybrid: Workflow + LLM

Hybrid: Workflow + LLM Leverage LLMs to trigger workflows. Effortlessly incorporate API calls, simple texts, and even other LLMs. Bring the features of traditional bots with the accuracy of LLMs, reducing hallucinations during longer conversations.


Bot Interruption Management

Our voicebot or voice AI handles interruptions (background noise, sudden queries, abrupt changes in conversation flow) from customers without getting confused or providing incorrect responses.


Bring Your Own TTS

Tailor your voicebot experience with Floatbot's diverse voice options or bring a personal touch by integrating your own TTS engine. Enjoy the convenience of seamless pre-integration with industry-leading partners such as ElevenLabs, PlayHT, OpenAI, and more.


Bring Your Own ASR

Leverage Floatbot's NEO ASR-as-a-Service and its capabilities for superior accuracy, seamless multilingual understanding, and minimal latency. Tailor your experience by bringing your own ASR for a truly personalized speech-to-text transformation. .


Bring Your Own LLM

Choose the power of Floatbot's VoiceGPT or integrate your own LLM to elevate the voicebot experience. Tailor every interaction, ensuring your voicebot speaks authentically and resonates with the unique tone and style of your brand. We pre-integrate with all the popular LLMs.


Customization with Agent M

Build and deploy your voicebot in just minutes. Want to customize it further? Meet Agent M – our GenAI-powered master agent developer framework. It lets you fine-tune your voicebot, making it uniquely yours.

Agent M


AI Orchestration Engine

Seamlessly change ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), TTS (Text-to-Speech), and LLM (Large Language Model) providers according to your (evolving) needs. This unique flexibility ensures that your voicebot stays agile, adapting effortlessly to new technologies and innovations.


Seamless Fallback to Chat and SMS or Text

Experience uninterrupted conversations. Our Voicebot and Voice AI platform comes with a fallback to text or SMS feature. The bots seamlessly transition between chat, voice, and text/SMS channels. After a call ends, users can seamlessly switch to interacting with the bot via chat, with all interactions synced across voice and chat channels.


Pre-Integrated with Popular CCaaS & CPaaS

Connect Floatbot effortlessly with the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) or Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) of your preference. Tailor your integration to align with your unique needs and preferences.


Floatbot’s Voice Gateway or AI Dialer

Our Voice Gateway or the AI Dialer, takes charge of all voice calls. When an inbound call rings, it smoothly transitions to the Voice Gateway, laying the groundwork for effortless Voice-based interactions. Empower voice-based engagements at your organization.


Campaign Manager & Analytics

Schedule and run outbound voice campaigns with Floatbot's Campaign Manager. Monitor campaign analytics seamlessly, track performance, and make impactful adjustments for optimal results. Elevate your outreach game with intuitive campaign management.


Multi-Lingual: Global Conversations

Floatbot’s voicebot is equipped with proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) in over 150 languages and a Speech Transcription engine supporting 9+ languages, enabling a globally inclusive customer experience.



Floatbot offers a no-code or low-code option for building powerful voicebots or voice AI. Even if you have little to no coding experience, you can still leverage the platform's intuitive interface and pre-built components to create powerful voice applications.


Call Analytics

Gather valuable insights and data about user interactions with your voice applications. It tracks metrics such as the number of interactions, the duration of each interaction, and the specific actions taken by users.

  Engine of Innovation

Contact Center AI (CCAI) Automation through Powerful Deep-Tech AI Platform 


NLP accuracy


Speech-to-text accuracy


Ability from unstructured documents

< 100 ms

NLP/NLU (ETE processing)

< 50 ms

STT & TTS (ETE processing)

< 500 ms

Overall call response time


Enterprise-Centric Use Cases

  • Customer Support and Issue Resolution 
    • Provide instant responses to frequently asked questions. 
    • Guide users through troubleshooting steps. 
    • Resolve common issues without the need for human intervention. 
  • Language Interpretation and Multilingual Support 
    • Provide support in multiple languages, enhancing accessibility. 
    • Assist in real-time language interpretation during interactions. 
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders 
    • Assist customers in scheduling appointments or reservations. 
    • Send automated reminders for upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows
  • Surveys and Feedback Collection 
    • Conduct post-interaction surveys to gather customer feedback. 
    • Analyze customer sentiments and identify areas for improvement.
  • Order Processing and Tracking 
    • Enable customers to place orders or check the status of their orders. 
    • Provide real-time updates on shipping and delivery information.
  • Lead Qualification and Sales Assistance 
    • Qualify leads by asking relevant questions and capturing information. 
    • Assist in product recommendations and upselling based on customer preferences. 
  Measurable Outcomes

Strategic Conversational AI Solutions, Tangible Results


Margin Improvement

Optimize your operations with our solution, reducing costs and maximizing profitability. Experience a significant boost in your bottom line through streamlined processes and resource utilization. 


Revenue Growth 

Unlock unprecedented growth with our innovative solutions. Attract new customers, upsell & cross-sell effectively, and watch your revenue soar. We're not just a product; we're your partner in expansion. 

Improved Customer Experience and CSAT Scores

Improved Customer Experience and CSAT Scores

Deliver a customer experience that elevates your CSAT score. Build lasting customer relationships and watch the impact of customer satisfaction on your brand loyalty and market reputation. 

Increased Digital Sales

Increased Digital Sales

Redefine your online presence and skyrocket your digital sales. Our solution empowers you to captivate audiences, drive conversions, and stay ahead in the digital marketplace. Don't just meet expectations; exceed them.

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Floatbot’s Voice AI (powered by VoiceGPT) equips your agents with the resources they need to reduce response times, increase efficiency, and ultimately boost overall team performance.

  Core Operations

Generative AI-Powered Voicebot & Chatbot to Automate, Streamline, and Maximize

Easy Claims Submission
Engaging Push Notifications
Faster Debt Recovery
Accurate Lead Qualification
Seamless Transactions for Banking/FIs
More Upselling and Cross-Selling
Enable Omni-Channel Customer CX 
Enhance Agent Productivity
24x7 FAQ - Customer Support
Proactive Customer Support 
Deflect Calls 
Offer Voice Biometrics