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Automate Claims FNOL and Support with Generative AI

Reduce the cost of Claims FNOL  filing from $45 to <$5 per claim filed

Make the smart choice with Gen AI-powered intelligent assistants to eliminate error-prone insurance claims FNOL submissions. Elevate claims support. Ensure claims FNOL Filing is automated and seamless for both your customers and business. Improve NPS, avoid human errors, and enable claims processing on your customers’ favorite channels.

  Life, Health, P&C

Serving Numerous Insurance Products

Life Insurance
Commerical Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Small Business Insurance
Personal Auto Insurance
Workers Compensation

Improved Operations & Accelerated Claims Processing

  • Automate Claims FNOL
    • Seamless FNOL Submission
    • Up to 90% Process Automation
    • Instant Claims Initiation
    • Error-Free Processing
  • Automate Claims Support
    • Real-Time Assistance
    • Efficient Status Updates
    • Customer-Centric Support
    • 24/7 Query Resolution
 Digital Worker
  • Digital Worker or Co-Pilot for Adjusters & Underwriters
    • AI-Assisted Adjustment Writing and Underwriting
    • Task Automation for Efficiency
    • Enhanced Workload Management
    • 7x24x365 Support
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  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Elevate your Success Story with Impactful:


Increase Adjuster productivity by

80% or 2x

Increase CSAT Score by 80% or 2x


Achieve Faster Claims FNOL Filing by 3x


Enable FNOL Filing with No Dependency on Human Agents for 24/7


Reduce Claims Support Operational Costs by 40%

80% to 90%

Automate Claims FNOL Filing by 80% to 90%


Pre-Integrated with Leading Industry Policy Administration and Claims Solutions

Duck Creek Technologies

How the GenAI-Powered Claims FNOL Filing Works?


Initiation by Customers

Customers initiate FNOL through various channels such as call, text, or online submission.


Document Upload via AI Agents

GenAI-driven bots streamline document upload, ensuring all necessary files are submitted for a comprehensive claims review.


Seamless Information Collection

GenAI-powered bots collect relevant details from customers, ensuring a smooth submission process.


Real-Time Validation

Utilizing advanced algorithms, AI Agents perform real-time validation of FNOL details, identifying errors or missing information.


Transfer to Live Agent (if necessary)

For more complex queries or situations requiring human intervention, transfer the call to a live agent. The live agent is briefed on the details to provide seamless assistance.

  Common Difficulties

Challenges in Insurance Response to Incidents and Accidents

Volume Surge

Call Volume Surge During Catastrophe


Information Inaccuracy and Claims Process Delays


Complex Regulatory Compliance in FNOL

High Costs

High Operational Costs due to Manual FNOL Processes

  Upgrade Claims Submission

Gen AI-Enhanced Claims Handling


Enable Claims FNOL Automation with GenAI

From first notice of loss (FNOL) insurance filing to real-time claim status enquiries, thorough investigation & verification, and lightning-fast claim settlements, our Gen AI Agents (chatbots and voicebots) and excel at every critical stage. Streamline document upload, FNOL validation, and assessment for swift claims automation.


Bring Down the Cost from $45 to less than $5 Per Claim

Through GenAI-powered Agents, your customers can enjoy efficiency via automation. Reduce operational costs significantly, improved productivity, & cost-effectiveness from automated insurance.


Customers Can Check Real-Time Claim Status

Your customers want answers, and they want them now. With AI-driven virtual assistants, your clients can effortlessly check the status of their claims in real-time, offering them peace of mind and reducing the burden on your support staff.


Seamless Integration with Leading Claims Solutions

Floatbot.AI effortlessly integrates with industry-leading claims solutions, including Guidewire ClaimsCenter, Duckcreek, and INSTANDA. This interoperability enhances the efficiency of your overall claims management system, providing a unified platform for streamlined processes and improved data synchronization.


Automating Claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL) on Call or Text

Whether customers prefer calling, texting, or chatting through a website or mobile app, Floatbot ensures a seamless experience for filing claims, checking statuses, and addressing queries related to the claims process.


Integrating Floatbot into Toll-Free Customer Support

Floatbot enables insurance carriers to launch Claims or Customer Support bots on both call and text/SMS channels using a toll-free number (e.g., 800-YOR-BRND). This integration enhances customer accessibility and ensures a user-friendly experience when seeking assistance or information related to claims.

  Optimize Claims Submission

Enabling Efficient Claims Handling and Improved Experiences 

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Swift FNOL Filing, Round-the-Clock 

Your customers need not wait for a human agent's availability to file a FNOL. With Floatbot, you can offer 24/7 assistance, streamlining the FNOL upload and assessment process, allowing your customers to act promptly and without delay. 


Scale Up or Down

Whether your insurance operation experiences fluctuations in claim volumes or needs to adapt to changing demands, Floatbot provides the flexibility to scale up or down seamlessly. This ensures that your automation capabilities align with the changing needs of your business, allowing for optimal resource utilization and cost efficiency. 


Deliver Comfort and Flexibility to your Customers by Enabling Claims Anywhere, Anytime 

Enable claims processing automation to your customers through their favorite channels—be it text SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Deploy bots on multiple channels now. 

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Streamline Claim Settlements

When your customers are navigating the stressful process of filing an insurance claim, provide them with an efficient experience with our intelligent Chatbots and Voice Bots. Our conversation AI platform eliminates complexities, automating manual tasks and expediting the claiming process. 

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Error-Free Bot-Powered Assurance 

Slight human errors made by insurance agents can cause unnecessary delays in the claims process— Which can be tedious for your customers. Leverage intelligent Chatbots, SMS bots, and Voicebots to ensure the claims FNOL process automation is fast and accurate. 

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Enhancing Customer Interaction and Experience 

Automate claims processes and facilitate interactive and dynamic conversations with customers. Whether through voice calls or text/SMS interactions, customers can seamlessly navigate the claims process, receive timely updates, and submit necessary documentation.


Witness our Gen AI-Powered Bots in Action 

GenAI Powered Voicebot
GenAI Powered Chatbot and Textbot