From Digital Banking to Gen AI-Powered Conversational Banking 

Build & Deploy Gen AI-driven Conversational AI Voicebots and Chatbots to provide interactive, next-level banking services and improve customer and agent experience

Increase Revenue

With Digital Onboarding Stack

Provide Real-Time

Assistance to Contact Center Agents


Retail and Coporate Banking Bots


Ensure agents follow rules and mark inappropriate behavior.

Seamless Switch

From chat to voice and text or SMS channels

Conversational Banking

Implementation in Days, Instant Transformation


We Serve 

Regional Banks

Regional Banks

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions



Challenger Banks

Challenger Banks 

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  GenAI Suite

Solutions for Digital-First Banks 

  • Omnichannel Chatbots, Textbots 
    • Omni-channel integration with 15+ touch-points 
    • RAG-powered Cognitive Search 
    • Fall back to live chat 
    • Co-browsing 
    • Text bot/SMS bot 
    • Seamless fallback from text to voice 
    • Agent M /Generative AI / ChatGPT integration 
  • Augment Agent Productivity 
    • Available for chat-based and voice-based interactions 
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Sentiment and intent analysis 
    • Workflows and decision trees 
    • Real-time nudges 
    • Compliance 
    • 50+ Real-time call analytics 
  • Voicebots
    • Human-like voice conversations 
    • 100% Gen AI-powered 
    • Multi-lingual 
    • Seamless fallback from Voice to Text 
    • Pre-integrates with popular contact center, payment systems, and telephony platforms
 Live Chat
  • Live Chat with Co-Browsing for Digital Onboarding
    • Real-time engagement through Live Chat & Audio/Video calls 
    • Co-Browsing for visual guidance without additional downloads + recording 
    • File Sharing 
    • Highlighting, Data Field Masking, and Document Signing 

Experience Zone

  • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search
  • Digital User Onboarding
  • Chatbot for banking/Conversational Banking 
  • Banking Voicebot/Contact Center AI
  • Sales Enablement
  • Knowledgebase Optimization 
  • Customer Support 
  • OAuth-Based Authentication
  • Multi-Lingual
  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Experience Impactful ROIs that Redefine Banking


Increase Agent Productivity


Save Customer Support Costs


Expand customer base

90% Faster

Launch IVAs Faster


Increase Operational Efficiency


Provide 24x7 Assistance 

  Common Difficulties

Operational Challenges in Traditional Banking

Lengthy Processing Times

Lengthy Processing Times 

Adapting to Regulatory Changes

Adapting to Regulatory Changes

Security Concerns

Security Concerns

High Customer Service Costs

High Customer Service Costs

Complex Customer Onboarding Process

Complex Customer Onboarding Process


Use Cases that Correlate with your Business-Critical Objectives

RAG-Powered Cognitive Search

RAG-Powered Cognitive Search

  • Launches FAQ bot in hours
  • Utilizes Generative AI (LLM/ChatGPT)
  • Learns from unstructured data (websites, knowledgebase, PDFs, Word documents)
  • No need for extensive intent creation and management
  • Perfect for Chatbots and Agent Assist
Digital User Onboarding

Digital User Onboarding

  • Self-serving capabilities with Cognitive Search
  • Live chat fallback option
  • Co-browsing for assistance
  • Audio/video call support
  • Incorporates Agent Assist for human agents
  • Optimized for both Web and Mobile applications
Banking Chatbot

Banking Chatbot

  • Seamless integration with popular retail and corporate banking solutions (e.g., Q2, Finastra, Finacle)
  • Deploy an omni-channel Conversational Banking Chatbot across 15+ channels
  • Encompasses retail and corporate banking bots for diverse use cases
  • Offers multi-lingual support for 150+ languages
Banking Voicebot

Banking Voicebot

  • Comes with Contact Center AI features
  • Easy integration with leading contact center solutions, including Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, and Five9
  • Automation of inbound and outbound calls for customer support, sales, and other purposes
  • Automation of collections calls
  • Advanced customer intent recognition
  • Multilingual support
Banking AI Agent Assist

Banking AI Agent Assist

  • Works seamlessly across both Chat and Voice channels
  • Supports Sales Enablement and Customer Support
  • Automates Quality Assurance (QA) and Compliance processes
  • Provides real-time call analytics
  • Includes workflow and decision tree functionality
  • Optimizes knowledgebase and tracks sentiment
  • Ensures compliance
WhatsApp Banking

WhatsApp Banking

  • Offers core banking services via WhatsApp
  • Provides customer support
  • Floatbot is a WhatsApp-agnostic Business Solution Provider (BSP)
  • Enables voice input
  • Suitable for both corporate and retail banking use cases
  • Supports OAuth-based authentication
  • Multilingual capabilities

Pre-Integrated with Leading Banking Platforms & Contact Center Solutions


Bridging Banking and AI with Conversational AI 


Cultivate Business Expansion

Skyrocket growth of new business lines through a proactive strategy of educating customers about your array of products and services. Improve revenue margins by ensuring that your audience is thoroughly informed, and actively engaged with your offerings.


Target Millennials

The millennial demographic exhibits a strong preference for app-based or mobile banking solutions. Align with their tech-savvy inclinations. Don’t just meet their digital preferences but enhance their overall interaction and satisfaction with conversational AI in banking.


All-in-One Solutions

Harness the potential of our cutting-edge technology and diverse product offerings to build apt solutions that cater to the needs of customers, employees, and agents—all under a single platform. Our integrated approach ensures that you can address the varied requirements of each group seamlessly.


Elevate Agent Excellence

Leverage the capabilities of Gen AI and LLMs to dynamically enhance agent capabilities in real-time. From providing conversation suggestions and tracking sentiment to ensuring adherence and offering actionable insights, empower your agents to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences with banking bots.


Banking AI Knowledge Base

Leverage advanced banking AI with our Knowledge Base, carefully pre-trained with 1000s of AI rules exclusively tailored for the banking sector. Dive into a comprehensive repository of specialized expertise designed to elevate your banking AI solutions.


Seamless Integration with Contact Center Solutions

Experience effortless integration with renowned contact center solutions like Five9, Ameyo, Cisco, Genesys, and Avaya. Achieve synergy between cutting-edge AI capabilities and established contact center solutions for a cohesive and efficient customer service experience.


Omni-Channel and Multi-Lingual Excellence

Our AI solution empowers you to interact with customers on their preferred channels, be it through messaging, calls, or other platforms, and establish communication in their preferred language. Break down language and communication barriers, to provide a truly inclusive and personalized customer experience that transcends linguistic and channel divergence.

Why Floatbot 

Comprehensive No-Code Platform
  • Build AI-Powered Voicebots and Chatbots Without Coding
  • Launch Bots in Hours 
OmniChannel AI Agents
  • Seamless Call or Text Experience 
  • Single Bot for Voice and Text Channels
Multi-Lingual Bots 
  • Conversations in Preferred Languages 
  • 150+ Languages Supported 
Self-learning AI from Knowledgebase
  • Industry-Specific Customized Models
  • Deep Finance Vertical Expertise
Rich Modular Platform 
  • AI Orchestration Engine 
  • Plug and Play AI Modules 
Pre-trained Banking AI 
  • Ready-to-use AI Agents and Ai Agent Assist for banking applications
  • Integrates with various banking applications 
  • Comes pre-trained with banking-related knowledge
  • Adheres to compliance and security standards 
Two In One

One Platform, Dual Focus 

 Retail Banking
  • Intelligent Chatbots and Voicebots in Banking for a Personalized Experience. 
    • Round-the-Clock Support 
    • Banking on Customers’ Terms - WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Calls, and More 
    • Lead Generation for Expanding Growth 
    • Streamlined Core Services for Seamless Banking 
 Corporate Banking 
  • Boost Business Growth with Delightful Customer Experiences. 
    • Provide Proactive Assistance 
    • Enable Lightning-Fast Transactions  
    • Resolve Issues with Precision and Care 
    • Empower Business Objectives 
 Next-Level Banking

Upgrade Your Bank's Efficiency, Security, and Customer Service 

  • Automate Banking Services
    • Save time for you and your customers by streamlining services. 
    • Enable self-service transactions, information retrieval, and service requests
  • Meet Customers Where They Are
    • Omni-channel interaction – enable your customers to interact on their preferred channels  
    • Seamless channel-switching without losing conversation context
  • Ensure Security with Voice Biometric
    • Advanced voice recognition for secure user identification.  
    • Convenient authentication for peace of mind
  • Deploy Helpful, Intelligent Assistants
    • 24/7 support with Chatbots and Voicebots. 
    • Handle lost cards, inquiries, and transactions effortlessly
  • Analyze and Improve Your Customer Interaction
    • Evaluate conversations with powerful insights. 
    • Understand behavior, sentiments, and intent
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