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Enhance Security by 95%

Reduce Authentication


Reduce Authentication Time by 65%



Achieve Precise User Identity Verification by 95%

Reduce Fraudulent


Reduce Fraudulent Access by 90%

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Advanced Speech Technologies to Empower your Business Security


Precise Speaker Identification

Swiftly and accurately recognize speech owners with Floatbot, effortlessly identifying multiple speakers across various audio clips.


Seamless Multilingual Support

Our voice biometric solution seamlessly detects and adapts to over 150 languages with Floatbot, ensuring a versatile language detection solution tailored to your global communication needs.


Detailed Speaker Attributes

Uncover crucial speaker attributes, including age and gender, with Floatbot's speaker attribution feature, providing nuanced insights into the identity of the speaker.


Voice And Non-Voice Difference Identification

Leverage Floatbot’s voice authentication solution to detect and distinguish between voice and non-voice content within a speech, adding a layer of precision to your content analysis.


Quality Assessment of Audio Clip

Estimate the quality of your audio clip with Floatbot's speech measurement capabilities. Analyze factors such as noise levels and sampling frequency, ensuring optimal speech quality.


Secure Interactions and Scalable Technology

Safeguard your interactions with Floatbot's advanced speech technology. Scale seamlessly with business growth, ensuring the security and efficiency of your speech technology applications.


Access Control and Authorization

Utilize voice biometrics for secure access control, allowing only authorized individuals entry to physical and digital premises. Mitigate the risk of unauthorized entry and enhance overall security.

  Powerful Features

Innovative Features for Seamless, Language-Independent Identity Recognition

language independence

Language Independence - Accent-Agnostic Identification

Effortlessly identify speakers regardless of language or accent. Floatbot's language-independent feature ensures accurate speaker identification in any linguistic context.

Voiceprint Creation - Precision in a Couple of Seconds

Generate a unique voiceprint with Floatbot's voice biometrics, enabling precise speaker identification from short audio clips, even within a matter of seconds.

Text Independence

Text Independence - Natural Language Recognition

No need for specific word combinations; Floatbot excels in recognizing speakers using natural language, adding flexibility and ease to the identification process.

Channel Independence - Versatile Source Detection

Floatbot accurately detects speakers regardless of the audio source—be it a phone call or a YouTube video—ensuring consistent identification across diverse platforms.

Channel Independence
Active and Passive Authentication

Active and Passive Authentication - Choice and Flexibility

Benefit from both active and passive voice biometric authentication options with Floatbot, offering flexibility tailored to your security and user experience requirements.

Secure Document Retrieval and Authorization

Implement voice biometrics for secure document retrieval and authorization. Authenticate users through unique voiceprints, ensuring only authorized individuals can access critical documents, reinforcing security for sensitive information within your organization.

Secure Document Retrieval

Elevate your Organization's Security Standards with Floatbot ARMOR

Secure, Reliable, and Designed

Secure, Reliable, and Designed for the Future

Build a foundation of trust with your users through Floatbot Armor's dependable voice biometrics technology. Our solution prioritizes secure and reliable authentication, providing peace of mind for both users and administrators.

Precision and Reliability

Precision and Reliability

Enhance security measures by implementing Floatbot's voice recognition technology, renowned for its precision in user identification. This reliability minimizes potential risks associated with unauthorized access, ensuring a robust defense for your systems.

Global Accessibility, Local Assurance

Global Accessibility, Local Assurance

Deliver a customer experience that elevates your CSAT score. Build lasting customer relationships and watch the impact of customer satisfaction on your brand loyalty and market reputation.

Effortless User Verification

Effortless User Verification

Redefine your online presence and skyrocket your digital sales. Our solution empowers you to captivate audiences, drive conversions, and stay ahead in the digital marketplace. Don't just meet expectations; exceed them.

Robust Security Measures

Robust Security Measures

Prioritize the protection of user data with Floatbot Armor's comprehensive security features. Our solution acts as a resilient shield, implementing measures that go beyond standard security protocols to safeguard sensitive information against potential threats.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate overall customer interactions by seamlessly integrating Floatbot Armor. Create a secure and user-friendly environment that aligns with your commitment to data protection, ultimately contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Future-Ready Technological Integration

Stay ahead in the security landscape with Floatbot Armor's adaptive voice biometrics technology. Our solution is designed to evolve alongside industry demands, providing you with a future-ready integration that keeps your organization at the forefront of security technology.

Smooth Integration Experience

Smooth Integration Experience

Seamlessly implement Floatbot Armor into your existing systems. Our solution is crafted to offer a user-friendly integration experience for administrators and end-users, ensuring a hassle-free adoption process. 


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