Now moving to the conversations which is exactly below action tab.

Before setting conversation you will have to set intent and entities from the advance AI section so that when the user types an intent like I want to book a table the conversation will trigger. To know how intent and entities work you can visit the Setup AI section of this document.


Go to setup AI, click on Advance AI and start by creating Intents.

Enter all possible words /keywords/variants your user will type for their query. Remember to set AI conversation as your bot response.




Based on your intent it is time to set entities. Click on entities and fill in the details, make entities as per the actions your bot is going to perform. 




These entities help to map the intents create by you.  After setting your intents and entities head back to conversational engine > conversations.

Now click on conversation and set your bot name. A sample chatbot will open in front of you. Watch the video to stepwise build a conversation.

In the above video we have added additional intents and entities to make be more specific to their actions.