Developer option

The developer option gives you the AI report of your chatbot. Under this option there are 3 tabs. Generate report, AI report, and Accuracy table.

Generate Report

To generate report you will have to select the type of query and the models your report will consist of.



AI report

Based on the selection made in the generate AI report,  the bot will show you data like the model, accuracy, total queries, correct answers, and wrong answers.  




  • Model- The model that is selected
  • Accuracy- The percentage of accuracy the bot had while answering the query.
  • Total Queries- The total number of queries in that model.
  • Correct answers- The queries that bot was able to answer correctly.
  • Wrong answers- The queries the bot failed to answer.

Accuracy table

This table consists of a list that has queries and models.




To access this data under the developer option you’ll need developer password. You can contact us for more details on this.