Setup Razorpay

Do the following steps to configure Razorpay

  • Open your Floatbot's bot dashboard. Go to configure and click on Payment configuration
  • Under payment configuration select Razorpay
  • To set Razorpay as your gateway you will have to fill in details like Key ID and Key secret




  • These details you will get from Razorpay. Login to your Razorpay account
  • On the extreme bottom left you will see setting tab in your Razorpay dashboard. Go to settings and click on the API Keys




  • As you click on the API keys, you will see the following box




  • Copy the Key ID and paste it into your bot dashboard




  • Under Action in your bot dashboard, you see Generate Live Key. As you click on that a small pop up will come that will be your Key secret.




  • Copy that and paste it into your bot dashboard.




  • Select currency and click on update. And the configuration is done