What is conversational engine?

Conversational engine tab helps your bot to learn from the chat and trigger a complete conversation when they encounter a query.

To explain this concept we’ll take an example of a hotel bot. To make booking the commonly used keywords are book, book table, book restaurant for 3, I want to book restaurant and so on.

In such cases, the bot understands the user intent and the flow that you’ve set for booking will trigger.

And your flows generally consist of questions like the location of the table, number of people and the time of visit. Under conversational engine, your flow becomes one complete conversation.

The bot catches the term and triggers the conversation. The users need not be directed to any particular flow. 

Watch a demo of conversational engine and then we will break it down to understand how you can set this in your bot.

In the video, we see the user type’s book restaurant for 3 people and the bot trigger questions to get information regarding their booking. This whole process becomes one conversation where the bot learns to ask questions.