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Empower your Agency with Generative AI

Enable convenient, personalized, and lightning-fast insurance service by leveraging the power of Gen AI - the next generation of artificial intelligence that is designed to understand, communicate, and learn from human conversations. Explore our conversational AI solutions built specifically for the Insurance industry.

Insurance Agency

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  GenAI Suite

All-in-One Generative AI-Powered Conversational AI Solution

 AI Agents
  • Unified Chatbot, Voicebot, and Textbot
    • Human-like voice conversations 
    • 100% Gen AI-powered
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Multi-lingual, Omni-channel integration with 15+ touch points 
    • Hybrid Voicebot and Text bot/SMS bot 
    • Seamless fallback from Voice to Text and Live Chat 
    • Pre-integrates with popular contact center, payment systems, and telephony platforms  
 Live Chat
  • Live Chat with Co-Browsing for Digital Onboarding 
    • Real-time engagement through Live Chat & Audio/Video calls 
    • Co-Browsing for visual guidance without additional downloads + recording 
    • File Sharing 
    • Highlighting, Data Field Masking, and Document Signing 
 AI Agent Assist
  • Augment Agent Productivity 
    • Available for chat-based and voice-based interactions 
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Sentiment and intent analysis 
    • Workflows and decision trees 
    • Real-time suggestions/nudges 
    • Compliance 
    • 50+ Real-time call analytics 
 Digital Worker
  • Digital Worker 
    • LLM Underwriter 
    • LLM Adjuster 
    • Dynamic Risk Profiling 
    • Smart Data Extraction 
    • Policy Customization Assistance 
    • Intelligent Decision Support

We Serve

Insurance Carriers
Insurance Agencies
Insurance Brokers
Pharmacy Benefit Management 
Healthcare Benefits Management 

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P&C Home and Auto
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  optimize workflows

Optimize Core Insurance Operations

  • Automate or Provide Self-Service Option to Customers  
    • Claims FNOL 
    • COI Requests  
    • Customer Support  
    • Agent Support at Point of Sales  
    • Document, Knowledge-Base Search  
    • Quote-to-Sales  
    • Renewal reminders  
    • Lead Qualification  
    • CX Engagement  
    • Contact Center AI 
  • Provide Real-Time Assistance to CSRs (Customer Service Reps)  
    • Claims Rep Real-time Assist  
    • Customer Support Rep Assist  
    • Sales enablement for Sales Rep in Medicare, Group Benefits  
    • Ensure Compliance  
    • Turn your Sales or Service Rep from Level 1 to Level 5 STAR  
  • Digital Workers to Streamline Underwriting and Adjustments 
    • LLM Underwriter to enhance the underwriting process  
    • Automating grunt work, assessing risks, and more.  
    • LLM Adjuster to streamline adjustment writing  
    • Automate the intake of claims by instantly reviewing documentation and extracting key details. 
  • Live chat with Co-browsing for Digital Onboarding 
    • Allows agents to visually guide and assist customers by sharing their screens  
    • Share files, get on audio/video calls  
    • Data field masking available to protect customer privacy 

Experience Zone

  • Automate Quote-to-Sales
  • Renewal Reminders
  • Underwriting automation (Digital Worker) 
  • Adjustment automation (Digital Worker) 
  • Customer support automation
  • Automated regulatory compliance 
  • Automated claims FNOL filing 

Revolutionize Your Insurance Agency with Generative AI-Powered Efficiency


Quote-to-Sales or Digital Sales Journey

Guide customers seamlessly through the entire process, from evaluation to purchase. Personalized recommendations, faster payments, and automated onboarding and renewal reminders make for a streamlined and delightful digital sales experience.


Claims FNOL Process

Automate claims First Notice of Loss (FNOL) filing by up to 90%. Our AI Agents (chatbots and voicebots) handle FNOL filing as well as status tracking. This not only speeds up claims settlement but also minimizes errors, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers.


Contact Center Automation

Streamline interactions with real-time suggestions for human agents, enhancing efficiency, and customer engagement. Ensure a seamless, integrated experience across various channels.


Customer Support

Automate the entire Quote-to-Sales process. Provide accurate information, proactive issue resolution, and 24x7 assistance. In case of complex conversations, Floatbot comes with Agent Handoff to ensure a live agent gets involved.


Tele-Marketing and Lead Qualification

Leverage voice AI for outbound/inbound calls, pre-qualification questions, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling. Enhance your tele-marketing efforts with an intelligent solution that ensures increased conversion rates.


Insurance Renewal Reminder

Deliver automated renewal reminders via your customers' preferred channel. Expedite the renewal process with seamless, human-like conversations for quicker processing. .


Agent Assist – Guide Sales Agents and CSRs (Customer Service Reps) at Point of Sales

Offer personalized product recommendations, identify potential leads, and optimize sales strategies based on real-time insights. Engage with customers in a more personalized and impactful manner, driving higher conversion rates.


Built-In Domain Knowledge

Floatbot is equipped with built-in domain knowledge, ensuring accurate and industry-specific responses. From policy details to claims FNOL processing, our solutions enhance customer satisfaction by providing relevant responses.


Implement Specific Dialects and Slang for Diverse Callers

Floatbot is designed to recognize and adapt to specific dialects, regional language nuances, and even slang. Break down communication barriers and connect with a diverse customer base effortlessly.


Fill Client Portals Instantly with AI

Completing multiple client portals manually takes hours. Our AI Agents review portals and automatically enter required info in seconds, not hours. Eliminate rote work so you can focus on value-added tasks.


Streamline COI Requests

Review each request, gather the necessary policy details, and generate a personalized COI to send back to the client - faster than a human could.

  Choose Floatbot.AI

Why Floatbot’s Conversational AI Solutions

 With Floatbot
  • Automated workflows and processes 
  • Swift and accurate claims FNOL processing and assessment with AI analytics 
  • Enhanced risk assessment through advanced AI-driven analytics 
  • Improved customer engagement with AI-powered chat and voice virtual assistants 
  • Proactive fraud detection through real-time AI algorithms 
  • Dynamic and personalized pricing models with AI insights 
  • Drastic reduction in errors and omissions with AI automation 
  • Streamlined operations leading to cost efficiency with AI 
  • Tailored and customized services based on individual needs with AI 
  • Comes Pre-Integrated with Leading Insurance and Contact Center Solutions 
 Without Floatbot
  • Higher manual intervention in workflows
  • Time-consuming claims FNOL assessment and processing
  • Reliance on traditional risk assessment methods 
  • Limited customer interaction 
  • Reactive approach to fraud detection 
  • Static pricing models 
  • High potential for errors and omissions 
  • Rising operational costs 
  • Standardized services 
  • Limited or no pre-integrations 
 Powerful AI Stack

Build Powerful Self-Service AI Agents (Chatbots and Voicebots), Agent Assist Bots with No-Coding

AI Agents (Chatbots & Voicebots)

Conversational AI agents that can interact with customers via text or voice, and provide them with information, guidance, and solutions. They can handle common queries, FAQs, transactions, bookings, reservations, and more. They can also transfer the conversation to a human agent if needed. 

Agetn M
Reduce customer service costs by automating repetitive tasks and providing 24/7 support.
Agetn M
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing faster and personalized responses.
Agetn M
Increase sales and conversions by engaging customers and providing relevant offers and recommendations.
Agetn M
Enhance brand image and reputation by providing consistent and professional service.
Agetn M
Increase renewals of insurance policies by sending personalized reminders through SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, or outbound calls with human-like conversations

Agent Assist Bots – AI Coach for Sales & Contact Center Agents

Agent Assists that can guide human agents during customer interactions, and provide them with real-time suggestions, nudges, feedback, decision trees, and insights. They can also monitor the quality and compliance of the conversations and flag any issues or risks.

Agetn M
Boost agent productivity and performance by providing them with the right information and guidance at the right time.
Agetn M
Reduce agent training and turnover by providing them with continuous learning and support.
Agetn M
Improve customer experience and retention by ensuring that agents deliver high-quality and empathetic service.
Agetn M
Optimize business outcomes and revenue by helping agents to cross-sell and up-sell effectively.

Digital Worker – Enhanced Underwriting

 AI Agents
  • Multidimensional Risk Assessment

    Digital Worker evaluates risk scenarios across multiple cases. By leveraging a comprehensive dataset, it provides a nuanced understanding of potential risks, enabling more informed decision-making in the underwriting process.

 Live Chat
  • Transparent Tracking of Risk Assumptions 

    Allow clear tracking of risk assumptions and recommendation rationale. Transparency enables accountability and provides stakeholders with a detailed overview of the factors influencing underwriting decisions.

 AI Agent Assist
  • Efficient Policy Checks and Compliance Validation 

    Streamlining the application-to-bind turnaround, Digital Worker automates policy checks and compliance validations. This not only accelerates the underwriting process. It also ensures adherence to regulatory standards, reducing the risk of errors. 

 Digital Worker
  • Continuous Model Optimization through Industry Data 

    Employ proprietary models trained on a continuous influx of industry data. This ongoing learning process optimizes underwriting outcomes, ensuring that the models adapt to changing market conditions and remain at the forefront of risk assessment methodologies. 


Transform Your Insurance Agency's CX through the Power of AI

Going Beyond Mere Automation

Going Beyond Mere Automation

Leave behind traditional automation. Our advanced algorithms understand the nuances of insurance inquiries, providing customers with a personalized and human-like interaction.

Provide Customers with Fluid

Provide Customers with Fluid, Quick Conversation they Desire

Floatbot’s conversational AI ensures that your customers receive prompt and accurate responses, for seamless conversational experience. With our AI, information retrieval is instantaneous, delivering superior service your clients deserve.

Win More Business with AI-Generated Proposals

Win More Business with AI-Generated Proposals

Generate comprehensive proposals tailored to each client, saving hours of manual work. Smart AI Agents enable you to focus on building meaningful relationships and closing more deals, without manual proposal writing.

Retain More Clients with AI Renewals

Retain More Clients with AI Renewals

Our AI Account Manager automates monitoring renewals and contacting clients to renew. Let AI handle this critical but tedious process so you can grow revenue by retaining more clients.