Cognitive Search

Navigate Large Unstructured Knowledgebase with Floatbot’s Cognitive Search

Enable self-learning across Chatbot, Voicebot, and AI Agent Assist with Floatbot’s Cognitive Search, powered by Retrieval-Augmented Generation. Extracts insights from unstructured data like website pages, knowledgebase, PDFs, and Word documents.

Use RAG-powered Cognitive Search as

Cognitive Search
  GenAI-Powered ROI's

Gain ROIs that Fuel Business Expansion


Automation in Support


Increase in Agent Productivity


Reduction in AHT



Reduction in Operational Costs


Reduction in Bot Training Efforts

Experience Zone

  • Smart search 
  • Intelligent data retrieval 
  • Dynamic response learning 
  • Knowledge-enhanced query resolution 

Empowering Growth in Various Sectors 



Smart Search, Data Retrieval, Agent Assist 



Automated Support, Fraud Detection, Customer Insights 



Claims Processing, Risk Assessment, Agent Assistance 

Banks and FIs

Banks and FIs

Customer Onboarding, Transaction Analysis, Regulatory Compliance



Policy Management, Claims Resolution, Underwriting Support



Patient Records, Treatment Information, Diagnostic Support



Medication Details, Inventory Management, Drug Interactions


Specially Designed For 

Internal Employees
Contact Center Agents
Sales Agents
Claims Representatives

Empower Bots to Retrieve Contextually Relevant Information with Cognitive Search 

Efficient Information Retrieval

Floatbot's RAG-powered Cognitive Search accelerates data access, swiftly extracting key insights from datasets. This not only ensures rapid information retrieval but also optimizes resource allocation.

Contextually Aware Responses 

Ensure precision in communication by empowering bots to comprehend and maintain context during conversations. This results in responses that go beyond accuracy, aligning contextually with the customer's intent.  

Multimodal Search Capabilities

Offer diverse interaction channels, seamlessly supporting various input modes such as text, images, and voice. This not only expands the scope of customer interaction but also reflects a commitment to meeting users where they are.

Adaptability and Scalability 

Floatbot’s RAG-powered Cognitive Search is designed to adapt seamlessly to the evolving needs of any organization. This adaptability provides a crucial layer of flexibility, particularly as data volumes and customer interactions inevitably expand. 

Integrated with Third-Party Knowledgebase

Seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, and Oracle CMS. Streamline communication, reduce delays, and ensure that everyone is working with the most current data. 

Industry-Specific AI Models

Leverage AI models that are customized for specific industries, offering apt insights. Ensure the answers provides are not only accurate but also highly relevant to the specific challenges and requirements of your business. 

  Advanced AI

Powered by Deep-Tech AI Technology


Intuitive Semantic Search

Traditional searches halt at keywords. Floatbot's Cognitive Search transcends this limitation through RAG which combines retrieval and generation techniques to deliver a more nuanced and contextually aware conversational experience.


Powerful NLP

Goodbye to Keywords. Floatbot's Cognitive Search uses the power of advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a proven accuracy of 95%+. No more rigid keyword combinations. Users can interact in natural, human language, revolutionizing the search experience and elevating user engagement.


Driven by Generative AI

Beyond Answers, into Creation. The core of Floatbot’s Cognitive Search is Generative AI. It doesn't merely answer questions; it crafts new content based on user input. Imagine receiving not just responses but comprehensive, detailed insights based on users’ complex queries.


Unsupervised Learning

Cognitive Search uses advanced unsupervised learning models. It's not just about learning, it's about continuous self-learning. Explore a search experience where the platform evolves, adapts, and refines itself on regular intervals with unstructured datasets.



Connect with a global audience by enabling interactions in multiple languages, enabling a diverse and inclusive user experience. Provide personalized and locally relevant interactions, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.



Incorporate Floatbot's Cognitive Search by effortlessly digesting documents and knowledge bases through APIs. Our system allows you to seamlessly integrate external data sources, enabling a comprehensive search experience that spans beyond internal databases or datasets.


Ability to Fine-Tune

Fine-tune cognitive search to meet specific requirements, allowing for precision in data retrieval and response generation. Easily adapt and customize settings based on evolving organizational needs, providing flexibility in response to changing requirements.


No-Code/Low-Code Interface to Train AI

Simplify AI training processes with an intuitive no-code/low-code interface, enabling users without technical expertise to participate in the training. Accelerate deployment timelines by streamlining the training process, allowing for rapid implementation of AI capabilities.


Semantic Search: Select a QA Model of your Choice

Enhance user experience with search results aligned with context, providing more relevant and meaningful information. Choose from various QA models (GPT 3.5, 4, Cohere, Falcon, LlaMa 13B, and more). This optimizes the search experience based on specific requirements, ensuring flexibility in addressing your business needs.


Enterprise-Centric Use Cases to Build Powerful Bots, Faster

 AI Agent Assist
Build AI Agent Assist with RAG-Powered Cognitive Search

Empower your agents with real-time answers and boost customer satisfaction through an AI Agent Assist powered by Floatbot’s Cognitive Search. Resolve customer issues faster, enhance agent productivity, elevate CSAT scores, and reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve). Build a support system that transforms customer interactions and drives unparalleled efficiency.

 Employee Assist
Deploy Employee Assist for Enhanced Efficiency 

Supercharge your enterprise with Cognitive Search integrated into your enterprise search system. Empower employees to effortlessly discover and access relevant information. Facilitate new employees in navigating the organizational knowledge base, accelerating the onboarding process. 

 Customer Support
Enable Customer Support with Conversational AI

Take your customer support to new heights by deploying conversational AI Chatbots and Voicebots powered by Floatbot Cognitive Search. Let your customers effortlessly retrieve information related to your products and services. Enable self-service, provide round-the-clock customer support, and cut down on support costs.  

Voicebot for Customer Support 

Integrate Cognitive Search into Voicebots for customer support. Elevate the overall customer experience. Customers can obtain instant, precise information through voice interactions, leading to improved satisfaction and faster issue resolution. 

  Seamless Deployment

Launch FAQ Bot within Minutes with RAG-Powered Cognitive Search

Deploy an AI-powered FAQ chatbot or voicebot on your website in 2 easy steps - Simply upload the document and let Floatbot do the rest 



Upload the document which contains information corresponding to the queries. The bot will self-learn this information using unsupervised and self-supervised NLP.



Deploy the FAQ bot seamlessly on any of 15+ customer-facing channels, including websites, mobile apps, Text/SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, within minutes.


Pre-Integrated with Popular Knowledge-Bases