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Nov 25, 2022

What Is Co-browsing and Why Is It Important?

Floatbot launches its unique feature called Co-Browsing.

The main reason behind the evolution of Co Browsing is the importance of customer experience. 

Customer experience has always been at the center of businesses. With time, its significance continued to rise. Today, thanks to cutthroat competition among companies in the market, it has become hard to determine which is a better product or service. In such a scenario, customers make buying decisions based on customer experience. 

According to Forrester, companies that provide superior customer experience outperform by 80%

Given the high expectation of today's customers, businesses always keep an eye out for new ways to innovate their customer experience. Recently, Co-browsing has become the trend in customer support. 

What is Co-browsing?

Co Browsing, also known as shared browsing or collaborative browsing is a way in which two people (usually the customer and customer support agent) jointly browse one's computer screen (usually the customer's). 


For example, the customer doesn't know how to configure an application on their computer. Now, with the help of CoBrowsing solutions, the agent and the customer can jointly browse and navigate the customer's application so the agent can fix the issue. 

Businesses that keep the customer experience at the center of their business strategies would want to solve their customers' issues as seamlessly as possible. Co-browsing makes it happen, enabling interactive, real-time customer support. 

With Co Browsing solutions in place, your agents won't have to ask such questions to your customers 

  • On which page are you - are you sure it is the right one? 
  • What exactly do you see on the screen? 
  • Can you see a red button in the top right corner? 
  • Could you share a screenshot of the page? 

Also, cobrowsing is a perfect solution to assist non-technical customers - especially when complex issues are involved. 

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Co-browsing Vs Screenshare

In screen sharing solution, if the customer shares their screen, the agent can view their screen but cannot navigate it. The agent will still need to guide them and, still, it would involve instructions like - 

  • Go a little up. Hold, hold, a little down 
  • Go to the next page 
  • Click on the green button on the top right corner 

On the contrary, co-browsing solution enables the agent and the customer to navigate the customer's browser (or application) jointly. The agent can navigate to the right places and make changes (if access is provided). 

Benefits of CoBrowsing solutions

Co-browsing enables visual customer engagement that gives your business a competitive advantage by adding a personal touch to the customer experience. Let's discuss how co-browsing solutions are crucial for establishing strong relationships with your customers. 

1. Quick resolution of issues:

Thanks to co-browsing, your agents don't have to give instructions based on what customers tell. The agent can quickly identify the issue and fix it for customers. 

2. Real-time assistance:

Co-browsing enables real-time assistance to your customers. They don't have to wait for the agent to come up with a solution and then implement it and go forth and back like this. 

3. Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates

With co-browsing, agents can solve most issues at first contact. Even if it is a complex issue, cobrowsing will reduce the number of contacts.

4. Personalized Service

Co-browsing helps establish the human-touch and provide personalized service, which leads to happy customers and high CSAT scores.

To Sum Up

Co-browsing (Shared browsing) help businesses take their customer support to next level - it leads to quick resolution of customer issues, higher FCR (first contact resolution) rates, happy customers, and higher CSAT and NPS scores. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to write us at connect@floatbot.ai 

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