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A Leading Utilities Company Automates Lead Generation Process and Gains Revenue of USD 400K in Just 2 Months

A leading utilities company, based out of Toronto, Canada, generates qualified leads with intelligent voice AI automation

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case study

The client is a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider with more than 8500 happy customers enjoying energy solutions, smart homes, and automation. They would receive thousands of calls every day inquiring about smart energy solutions. Thus, they wanted to integrate their contact center solution with a Conversational Voicebot to answer their prospects’ queries and generate qualified leads.

Floatbot deployed the conversational Voicebot to

  • Make outbound calls automatically to 10,000+ prospects every day
  • Ask a set of pre-qualification questions to decide whether the lead is qualified or not
  • Book appointments with sales representatives
  • Address queries of customers

Download the case study to learn how Floatbot helped the utilities company to improve CX and generate qualified leads in a cost-effective manner.

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