Five9 and Floatbot Transforming
Contact Center Together

Deliver an exceptional customer experience and cut down customer support costs with Floatbot UNO - an AI-powered Voicebot and Chatbot solution, pre-integrated with Five9


Use Cases

Deflect Calls
Deflect Calls
Agent Assist
Agent Assist
Voice Biometric
Voice Biometric
Language Detector
Language Detector
Automate Inbound and Outbound Calls
Automate Inbound and Outbound Calls
Chatbot on Digital Channels
Chatbot on
Digital Channels
Automate your Contact Center Operations
with Floatbot UNO, Pre-Integrated with Five9
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Encourage Your Customers
to Buy Digitally

Provide tailored, hyper-personalized buying experiences to your customers and encourage them to choose digital platforms over traditional ones to buy from you

  • Quickly provide information without frustrating customers when they are buying your products and services
  • Upsell and cross-sell with appropriate recommendations based on customers’ needs
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Get the Best Out of
Your Human Agents

Leverage AI-powered virtual assistants to automate the tedious process of finding relevant information, so your support agents can focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience to your customers

  • Ask a virtual assistant to find information
  • The bot listens to the conversations and provides real-time suggestions to agents
  • The bot can crawl through unstructured documents to find answers
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Automate Outbound Calls/

Leverage an intelligent Voicebot that can make human-like conversations to automate your outbound calls

  • Make outbound calls
  • Ask pre-qualification questions and qualify leads
  • Schedule appointments with sales agents
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Deliver an Exceptional
Customer Support

Win the trust and loyalty of your customers with superior customer support

  • Resolve issues faster
  • Provide 24x7 assistance
  • Enable your customers to talk in the language they prefer
  • Transfer the call to a human agent if the customer wants
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Customer Engagement

Engage your customers and establish strong relationships with them

  • Enable interactive feedbacks
  • Automate push notification, news, and announcements
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Enhance Security
with Voice Biometric

Authenticate the identity of your customers with advanced speech recognition technology

  • Ensure security
  • Conveniently confirm your customers’ identity
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Connect Important Calls
to Agents

Monitor calls and connect to human agents if required - especially when the customer has a high buying intent.

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Deliver an Omni-Channel

Deliver a seamless experience across Text/SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, the website, the app, and more. Your customer can drop off one channel and continue on another

Business Benefits
Automate Manual,
Repetitive Tasks
up to 80%
Automate Manual Repetitive Tasks
Reduce Customer
Support Cost by 40%
Reduce Customer Support Cost
Achieve a Call
Deflection of 20%
Call Deflection
Powerful Deep-tech
AI Platform

Floatbot’s conversational AI platform has 30% higher
accuracy than Google’s Dialogflow in Singapore English

NLP Accuracy 91%+
NLP Accuracy
Speech to Text Accuracy 95%+ Speech
to Text Accuracy
Self Learning Ability Self-learning ability from
unstructured documents

< 100 MS

(ETE processing)

< 50 MS

(ETE processing)

< 500 MS

call response time
Reliable Solution
Built to Scale

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