Unlock the potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models based Agent for your business conversations.

Build your Agent M, LLM powered Master Agent with Floatbot UNO platform. Launch your Agent M instantly across channels - be it a Voicebot, Omni-Channel Chatbot, Textbot, IVA or AI Agent Assist.


AGENT M – Generative AI powered Master Agent Developer Framework by Floatbot.AI

What is Agent M?

Agent M is a powerful Large Language model or ChatGPT based Master Agent developer framework, that lets you create multiple LLM based Agents. Agent M orchestrates between multiple agents, that performs various tasks such as natural language-based API calls, connects to your data and helps automate complex conversations.

  • LLM powered Agent, that makes Natural language-based API calls that connect to your data, talk to APIs, and solve complex problems.
  • Proprietary Floatbot.AI LLM Master Agent that orchestrates between multiple LLM Agents.
  • No-code studio to build IVA, bot building bots.
  • Native Integration with CPaaS, CCaaS solutions for call and text/SMS based Interactions.
  • Has Multi-lingual capabilities.
  • Let your customers launch IVAs (Voicebot, Textbot, and Chatbot).
Agent M Architecture

Agent M Architecture

  • Agent M is the most revolutionary Large Language model or ChatGPT Based Master Agent, that lets you create multiple LLM based Agent.
  • Each of such agent can be further trained on specific skills, example customer support skills, Sales skills, Helpdesk skills.
  • Create use case specific agents with custom skills to perform tasks, and use Agent M to orchestrate between them.
  • These Agents are trained in past conversation, thoughts and examples or process example Insurance quote-to-sales or food ordering steps. Such an Agent can make natural language-based API call to push or pull data or search through unstructured knowledge-base or navigate the process to provide a very contextual answer.

Customize, Restrict, build Guardrails around LLM specific to your environment

  • Each Agent will be trained on specific conversational process of your enterprise, ex. Insurance quote-to- sales, data [FAQs or knowledgebase] and Application APIs to push/pull data with Large Language Model or ChatGPT at its Core
  • Agent M will orchestrate between several LLM agents, and able to automate complex and contextual conversation without human intervention.

Why Agent M?

Agent M is able to automate complex conversations that conventional conversational technology or just ChatGPT prompt is not able to. Imagine Agent M as a series of ChatGPT prompts that are generated and executed to automate a complex conversation. Agent M is highly optimized for Contact Center AI use cases.

why agent m

Agent M in action

Checkout how Agent M works as Food Ordering Assistant

Build your ChatGPT- 4 Plugin using Agent M

Build your ChatGPT 4 Plugin

Extend your services to ChatGPT-4, using plugin, with Agent M. Empower your users with Generative AI using Agent M, now you can launch ChatGPT plugin in no time with Agent M. With Agent M you can build ChatGPT plugin specific to your services without coding that connects to your data source or API.

Agent M Vs Other LLM Agent

Agent M

  • User Session Management
    • User state management across multiple users of a bot (Chatbot, Voicebot, Assist bot)
  • Memory Module
    • Overcomes the 15 iteration limit of thought generation in a session
    • Solves Hallucination by Gaurdrail
  • Orchestration across multiple LLM Agents, Cognitive Search modules
    • Improved latency across Agents
    • Async Agent dispatch
    • Agent M does State management for each Agent
  • Improved Latency (responds in <5 seconds)
    • Optimized for Conversational AI
  • Optimized for number of tokens usage.

Other LLM Agents

  • Requires additional layer for User Session Management
  • No Inbuilt Memory module for “Agents”, and has 15 maximum iteration limit for thoughts
  • Other LLM Agents does NOT provide default orchestration over multiple agents. One can achieve this with multiple tools inside one Agent, but this leads in
    • Hallucination most of the times
    • Reaching max iteration limit faster
    • Reaches token limit for each GPT prompt
  • Takes ~ 1 minute to 6 minutes to respond to a query
  • Not optimized for number of tokens usage.

Build and deploy your own LLM Agents

Pre-defined Agents for CRM, Calendar and other applications
Hubspot, Salesforce CRM, Google Calendar, Weather forecast, Calorie calculator, Freight calculator

ISV or application specific Pre-defined Agent
Pre-defined Agent that is integrated with ISVs application for contextual conversation and that makes natural language API calls.





Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator

Fright Calculator

Freight Calculator

Agent M Features

Build Custom LLM Agents
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Build custom LLM Master agent specific to your business use-case that will manage multiple LLM agents performing various tasks.
Launch IVAs within few minutes
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You can easily build and launch your intelligent virtual assistants with Floatbot’s within few minutes with Floatbot’s no-code bot builder.
Define Skills for Agent M
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LLM Agent created under Agent M can have multiple skills based on your requirements. You can enable from existing skills or define your own skills for a master agent.
Seamless integration
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Agent M seamlessly connects to your applications and performs all the underlying tasks. It also has native Integration with CPaaS, CCaaS solutions for call and text/SMS based Interactions.
Natural language-based API calls
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M processes complex queries and performs all the natural language-based API calls to multiple applications within fraction of seconds and provides relevant response.
No-code studio to build Agent M
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You can build and deploy LLM agents with Floatbot’s no-code bot studio. Add all the details for your agent, prompt prefix with few examples and you are good to go!
Build Custom LLM Agents Launch IVAs within few minutes Define Skills for Agent M Seamless Integration Natural language based API calls No-code studio to build Agent M
Enhanced complex query understanding Contextualized Responses Multi-lingual capabilities Service Terminal to test user queries Pre Defined Agents Knowledge base or Cognitive Search based Agent
Enhanced complex query understanding
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Agent M can understand complex user queries, performs chain of thoughts prompting and enables multiple agents to retrieve required data.
Contextualized responses
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LLMs are smart enough to understand context of user queries, resulting in improved customer experience and satisfaction.
Multi-lingual capabilities
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Agent M supports multiple languages, you can deploy M that can handle queries in multiple languages.
Service Terminal to test user queries
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With Floatbot’s no code studio, you can test user queries based on your Agent M configurations. You can test queries with service terminal.
Pre-defined agents
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You can enable pre-defined agents with Floatbot. Enable or disable agents or create your custom agents as per your requirements.
Knowledge-base or Cognitive Search based Agent
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Enable cognitive search-based agent that gives contextual responses to user queries. Provide your knowledge-base and let Agent M do the rest.

Build your ISV specific Agent with Agent M

Solutions powered by Agent M

Omnichannel Conversational AI Chatbot & Voicebot Omnichannel
AI Agent Assist AI Agent Assist
Agent M - ChatGPT Plug-in for your application Agent M chatgpt

Business use cases of Agent M


Automate up to 90% of insurance specific use-cases with Agent M that provides advanced natural language processing and handles all kind of insurance queries. Increase digital sales by 150% and reduce operational costs. Also let your customers file claims with ease.

  • Insurance quote-to-sales
  • Insurance Claims
Agent M for Insurance


Leverage Agent M to provide smart recommendations and quick bookings to your customers for their travel plans. Agent M not only helps with bookings but also assist your customers at every stage of their journey.

  • Travel booking
  • Travel Recommendation
Agent M for Travel


Agent M can be a smart food assistant for your customers, that can help users with food ordering, order status, food quality, calories or more. M can help with food options, choices and can suggest based on user past interactions and activities.

  • Food ordering
  • Order process, or return process
Agent M for Retail


Agent M can help automate appointment bookings, assist your patients with their needs and help them to stay fit & healthy. M can help with patient engagement & education and helps with enhanced medical triage and basic medical advice.

  • Digital Front Door
  • Patient appointment booking
Agent M for Healthcare
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