Debt Recovery & ARM

Reshape Debt Collection with Gen AI-Driven Conversational AI Solutions

Maximize the efficiency of debt collection using Gen AI-driven Voicebots and Chatbots or AI Agents, ensuring a streamlined, cost-effective recovery, and support process.

  • Fully-Compliant with
  • Reg F
  • TCPA
  • & others
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Explore our GenAI-powered conversational AI solutions built specifically for ARM and Debt Collections.

  Proven Results

Enhance Profitability Ratios

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate by automating calls by up to 80%

Expand your debt recovery

Expand your debt recovery

Expand your debt recovery outreach by 100x

Automate Customer Support

Automate Customer Support

Automate Customer Support by up to 90%

Increase the average size

Increase the average size

Increase the average size of the payments made by 30%

Instant Payment

Instant Payment

Instant Payment Options to Debtors with payment IVR or payment link or payment on file



Overcome Account Penetration Challenges

Automate and Boost

Automate and Boost

Automate and Boost Right-Party Contact (RPC) and Promise-to-Pay (PTP)



Tackle Agent Scarcity and Attrition

Increase recovery

Increase recovery

Increase recovery $$ Per Collector

Limitless Scalability

Limitless Scalability

Limitless Scalability to Accommodate Growing Portfolio and Accounts

  GenAI Suite

All-in-One Generative AI-Powered Conversational AI Solution 

 AI Agents
  • Unified Chatbot, Voicebot, and Textbot
    • Human-like voice conversations 
    • 100% Gen AI-powered
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Multi-lingual, Omni-channel integration with 15+ touch points ś
    • Hybrid Voicebot and Text bot/SMS bot 
    • Seamless fallback from Voice to Text and Live Chat ś
    • Pre-integrates with popular contact center, payment systems, and telephony platforms  
 AI Agent Assist
  • Augment Agent Productivity 
    • Available for chat-based and voice-based interactions 
    • RAG-Powered Cognitive Search 
    • Sentiment and intent analysis 
    • Workflows and decision trees 
    • Real-time suggestions/nudges 
    • Compliance 
    • 50+ Real-time call analytics 

We Serve

First Party Creditors
Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
Banks and Financial Institutions
Debt Collections Agencies
Debt Collections Law Firms
Medical Collections

Redefine ARM with Advanced Use Cases


Automated Debt Recovery


24/7 Customer Engagement


Precision Negotiation Strategies


Right-Party-Contact (RPC) and Promise-to-Pay (PTP) Automation


Enhanced Agent Efficiency


Launch WhatsApp, SMS/Text Collections bots

Experience Zone

  • Automate payment negotiation
  • Automate disposition
  • Streamline debt collections on voice and chat channels
  • Enable seamless switch from Voicebot and Chatbot
  • WhatsApp debt collection bot
  • SMS/Text-based debt collection bot

Witness GenAI-Powered Debt Collection by Dialing

  Common Difficulties

Challenges of Manual Debt Collection Processes


Inefficient and Time-Consuming

Evolving Regulations

Evolving Regulations & Compliance Needs

Human Errors

Human Errors in Dispositions

Difficulty in Document

Difficulty in Document Management

                                            Operational Costs

Higher Operational Costs


Conversational AI Solutions Benefiting both Lenders and Debtors


24/7 Availability

Our Conversational AI works tirelessly, engaging debtors at any time of day or night. The convenience of 24/7 availability enhances communication and increases the likelihood of successful debt recovery. Now, your debt collection process aligns with the dynamic schedules of your debtors.


Compliant-First Approach

Ensure that digital collection agents consistently follow best practices with Gen AI voicebots and chatbots that come with built-in compliance and risk guidelines. Floatbot.AI is fully compliant with Reg F, FDCPA, TCPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS


Personalized Conversations

Our Conversational AI engages debtors in natural, personalized conversations, creating a positive and empathetic customer experience. No more rigid, scripted interactions, introducing a more human approach to debt recovery.


Schedule Automated Campaigns

Initiate and configure automated campaigns by entering customer details such as the due amount, due date, and any other relevant information into our user-friendly interface.


Scale AI Agents to Accommodate Any Collections Volume

Experience the seamless scalability of Floatbot's no-code platform, ensuring efficient and compliant adaptation to collections volume, regardless of the time of year or external events. Scale effortlessly, meeting the demands of any situation with ease and precision.


Precision and Accuracy

Harness the power of Gen AI for comprehensive data analysis. Our Conversational AI ensures accuracy in assessing debtor profiles, financial situations, and optimal negotiation strategies. Experience a boost in the success rate of debt recovery as errors are minimized through advanced AI processing.


Real-Time Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Analyze and track customer data and make well-informed decisions on the most suitable course of action. For instance, leverage data on a customer's payment history, income, and expenses to determine the optimal payment plan.


Pre-Integrated with Your Collections Systems

Worried about the implementation process? Our Conversational AI seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to your current operations.


Improve Portfolio Penetration with Gen AI Voicebots

Contact thousands of accounts swiftly, ensuring complete coverage of your debt portfolio using our Gen AI-powered voicebots or voice AI.


Automate Right-Party-Contact (RPC) and Promise-to-Pay (PTP)

Get a complete overview of the portfolio and get insights into RPCs. The AI Agents automatically initiate contact with the right parties while keeping track of PTPs – the number of debtors who agreed to pay a certain amount by a specific date.


Cutting-Edge AI Innovation for Consistent Excellence

Ensure consistent excellence with a debt collection bot crafted using efficient AI technologies such as ASR (automatic speech recognition), TTS (text-to-speech), and NLP (natural language processing).


More Debt Recovery

Identify the best strategies for each customer segment and offer payment plans, incentives, and reminders to speed up the recovery and increase debt collection.


Enhanced Agent or Collector Efficiency

Our AI Agents (voicebots and chatbots) excel at handling high-volume, low-value tasks, enabling human agents or collectors to focus on strategic problem-solving. They no longer have to be tied up with tasks like identifying RPCs, WPCs, and dispute calls.

  AI Agent Assist

Best Co-Pilot for your Collectors and Agents

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)

Through intelligent prioritization, efficient customer engagement, real-time nudges, and automated workflows, reduce the average handling time (AHT) of the collectors.

Intelligent Information Retrieval

Intelligent Information Retrieval

Empower agents with advanced search capabilities, enabling them to extract valuable insights from unstructured data and knowledge-base articles for more informed decision-making in collections.

Guided Decision-Making

Guided Decision-Making

Help agents through structured, step-by-step processes, ensuring consistent and informed decisions at every stage of customer support.

Dynamic Assistance in Real-time

Dynamic Assistance in Real-time

Provide agents with real-time suggestions and nudges during customer interactions, optimizing their responses and increasing the likelihood of successful debt resolution.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

Adherence to Regulatory Standards

Ensure collections processes align with industry regulations and standards, minimizing compliance risks and enhancing trust in debt collection practices.

Contextual Intent Analysis

Contextual Intent Analysis

Analyze customer intents in real-time, considering both speech and screen context. Suggest relevant knowledge and guidance to empower agents with the information they need for effective debt collection interactions.

Detailed Confirmation Statements

Detailed Confirmation Statements

Empower agents with comprehensive confirmation statements, facilitating clear communication and minimizing errors during debt collection conversations. Ensure accurate and detailed confirmation of customer agreements.

Call Summaries and System Updates

Call Summaries and System Updates

Agents receive a comprehensive overview of interactions, and the system updates seamlessly integrate with external systems, maintaining accuracy and consistency across the debt collection process.