Empower your Medicare Agents through Generative AI



Jimmy Padia

Founder & CEO - Floatbot.AI


Ben Bloch

Sales Enablement Leader - CXDigit


Chris Webber

Growth Leader - CXDigit

Watch Webinar

Watch our exclusive webinar on empowering medicare agents through Generative AI. Get to learn how AI can streamline the end-to-end medicare engagement sales process.  

Learn from industry experts on how to streamline multiple tasks using Gen AI  

  • Increase conversion by up to 25%  
  • Increase placement by up to 25%  
  • Improve pre agent routing to drive lead qualification.  
  • Increase digital sales and renewals of insurance policies by 150%   
  • Increase upsell cross-sell of policy add-ons by upto 350%   
  • Enable Claims FNOL filing 3X faster. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores by 80%  
  • Boost Agent Productivity by 50%.    

What’s in it for you 

  1. Expert’s insights: Get to know from industry-leading experts on valuable insights, best practices, and success stories on implementation of Gen AI.  
  1. Advances sales techniques: Discover advanced sales and marketing techniques customized for medicare market. Gain the confidence to effectively communicate the value of Medicare plans to clients.  
  1. Exclusive AI automation tools and resources: Get access to tools and resources designed to streamline your medicare sales process, saving you time and efforts.  
  1. Begin your transformation journey: Your transformation journey starts with a first step. Learn from experts and community how.