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  • INSTANDA and Floatbot.AI Partner to Enhance Policyholder and Agent Engagement with Generative AI

INSTANDA and Floatbot.AI Partner to Enhance Policyholder and Agent Engagement with Generative AI

INSTANDA partnered with Floatbot’s, a generative & conversational AI platform to incorporate chat, text and voice bots to further engage policyholders and agents.

  • Nov 22 2023
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Instanda partners with Floatbot.AI

Milpitas, California – November 8, 2023 

INSTANDA, the global provider of no-code insurance platform technology, announces today its partnership with Floatbot.AI’s, creator of a generative and conversational AI platform designed to enable insurers to innovate their customer journeys by building on digital portals for agents to incorporate chat, text and voice bots to further engage policyholders.

With Floatbot’s recent launch – Agent M (Generative AI powered master agent developer framework), insurers can build and deploy Generative AI-powered bots to automate complex user queries with ease. Agent M uses a powerful Large Language Model (LLM) or ChatGPT-based master agent developer framework, that allows insurers to create multiple LLM-based agents. These LLM agents perform various tasks such as natural language-based API calls, connect to user data and help automate complex conversations.

Tim Hardcastle, CEO and co-founder of INSTANDA, believes the partnership will offer clear gains for insurers. “One of INSTANDA’s primary goals is enabling insurers to create engaging user journeys, regardless of the insurance product. This partnership with Floatbot.AI will further that goal, offering even more interactive policyholder and agent experiences. We are excited to see what INSTANDA and Floatbot.AI clients build using the paired technologies.”

Through their partnership, Floatbot.AI and INSTANDA seek to ease the challenges of traditionally inflexible systems that inhibit both the customer and agent experiences, as well as slowing the quoting and servicing of policies. By offering new digital channels through no-code platforms, insurers can easily launch new channels, test the user experience in the marketplace, and iterate to craft the most compelling customer journeys in weeks, not months. Both platforms offer flexible tools for insurers to define their own products, create tailored quoting and first notice of loss journeys, and meet their policyholders and agents where they are, through all digital touchpoints including websites, text messaging or phone calls.

“We look forward to helping insurers with Floatbot and INSTANDA’s collaboration to provide deep-tech capabilities to help automate multiple tasks capably while also improving their customer experience,” said Jimmy Padia, co-founder and CEO of Floatbot.AI. “With Agent M, insurers can now also leverage the power of Generative AI through Floatbot.”

Floatbot solution comprises Voicebot, omnichannel Chatbot, AI Agent Assist, and ASR as a Service.

About Floatbot.AI

Floatbot provides a SaaS-based, “no-code”, end-to-end "Generative AI" powered Conversational AI platform that helps Insurance carriers, MGAs, and Brokers to build Self-service Chatbots and Voicebots, and AI Agent Assist Bots [AI Coach for Sales and Contact Center Agents]. We are amongst very few platforms globally that include all 3 in the same platform. We have pre-built solutions for "Quote-to-Sales", "Claims FNOL" and "Customer Support" related use cases. Floatbot is pre-integrated with industry-leading Contact Center technology providers such as Genesys, NICE InContact (CXOne), AVAYA, Cisco WebEx, RingCentral, etc.

Learn more about how we’re revolutionizing insurance customer experiences at insurance bot.


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