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  • The Rise of Conversational AI Voicebot Across Industries

The Rise of Conversational AI Voicebot Across Industries

Learn about Voicebot use cases in detail. Banking Voicebot. Contact Center AI. Insurance Voicebot. Retail use cases. Healthcare use cases. Automate calls

  • Aug 09 2022
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Voicebot-Where Self-Service Meets Speech-Based Communication

Today, most customers prefer self-service rather than talking to a customer support agent about their issues or queries unless it's complex. No doubt self-service is convenient - it spares you from the tedious steps of reaching customer support, such as navigating through the menu (phone tree), awfully long wait time, and holding the call while the agent looks for information. 

According to Harvard Business Review, 81% of customers try to solve issues by themselves before reaching out to customer service reps.

Although the proportion of text-based conversation is rising, calling is still the no. 1 channel used by customers to reach customer support. 76% of customers prefer phone calls over other channels – such as Email, website, Facebook, and WhatsApp - to reach customer service. After all, voice has always been the most natural mode of communication.  

Voicebot – A perfect Blend of Self Service and Speech-Based Communication

One of the main reasons behind the exponential growth of Voicebot adoption is that it offers common ground for customers - who prefer self-service and voice-based communication (call).  

Checkout FloatGPT (Generative AI) powered Voicebot below

Voicebot is a voice interface that enables humans to interact with computers. It has many versions depending on the application. For example, in contact centers, a conversational AI Voicebot talks to customers like a human agent would. It helps you automate inbound/outbound calls for different work functions, from sales to customer support.  

In a voice-enabled Chatbot, a Voicebot enables the customer to speak their query instead of typing. Also, they can choose to hear the response instead of reading. It's like sending and receiving 'voice notes.' 

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Common Voice Bot Use Cases

Although use cases of Voicebot can vary from business to business, they are often used for sales and customer support.


Voicebot helps you create hyper-personalized, delightful buying experiences for your customers with Conversational AI Voicebots.   

You can assist your customers with virtual assistants, 'Robo Advisors,' who can provide relevant information about your products and services.  

Voicebots can point your customers in the right direction, prompting them to make decisions faster. It can result in shorter sales cycles and more sales. Also, they can make appropriate recommendations to upsell and cross-sell. 

Given the rapid advancement in Conversational AI technology, the Voicebots have grown mature - now, they can have sophisticated conversations and handle objections. Thus, companies across the world have started using Voicebots to automate outbound calls and generate and qualify leads. 

Customers Support

It is unwise to deploy human agents to answer customer queries that a bot can handle. With a Conversational AI Voice bot in place, you can automate up to 90% of customer queries and save up to 40% in customer support costs - the costs involved in recruiting, training, and operating human agents.  

Not just for businesses, Voicebots has benefits for customers as well, such as 

  • 24x7 customer support - not just during office hours  
  • Customers can reach you through all customer-facing digital channels   
  • Customers can talk in their native language 


The adoption of Conversational AI Voicebots is rising rapidly across industries. Although Voicebots are relevant to enterprises across all industries, here are some early adopters 


Technology is transforming businesses across industries, and insurance businesses are no exception. Conversational AI Voice bots help insurance businesses modernize their business operations to meet/exceed rising customer expectations. 

Voicebot Use Cases for Insurance


Banks have typically been the early adopters of new commercial technologies and innovations, and conversational AI is no exception. With the help of conversational AI, banks are going conversational from digital. 

Voicebot Use Cases for Banking

Contact Centers

Conversation AI Voicebots play a crucial role in Contact Center AI as they have the ability to act like human agents. Intelligent Voicebots can be used for a variety of work functions, from sales to customer support 

Voicebot Use Cases for Contact Centers

Retail and E-Commerce

Customer experience is the backbone of retail businesses. Thus, forward-looking retail businesses always look for innovative ways to elevate the customer experience

Voicebot Use Cases for Retail


Conversational AI Voicebot can act as a bridge between patients and physicians and help healthcare institutions provide quality patient care. 

Voicebot Use Cases for Healthcare


Voicebots are a win-win for businesses as well as customers. They help businesses increase sales, reduce support costs, and increase CSAT scores. And they elevate customer experience, providing 24x7 support to customers and creating hyper-personalized buying experiences. 

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