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  • Why Are Neobanks Investing in Customer Onboarding Solutions?

Why Are Neobanks Investing in Customer Onboarding Solutions?

An end-to-end customer onboarding platform, including conversational AI Chatbot, co-browsing, live chat, AI Agent Assist, and Audio/Video Calls.

  • Sep 10 2022
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Customer onboarding is crucial for your business - it creates the first impression of how you conduct your business and treat customers. A positive customer onboarding experience creates an opportunity to establish a warm relationship with your customers, winning their trust. On the other hand, a poor customer onboarding experience may leave your customers wondering if they made the wrong decision by choosing your business - which is indeed bad for your business.   

86% of customers claim to stay loyal to a business after getting a great onboarding experience - Wyzowl

For Neo banks, customer onboarding becomes even more crucial. After all, customer experience is their key unique selling point (USP) that differentiates them from incumbent banks. They cannot risk losing customers because of the poor onboarding experience - they need new customers to survive the cutthroat competition.

Top 5 Customer Onboarding Tools

Through appropriate tools, you can transform customer onboarding. Here are the top tools for you to consider

Omnichannel Chatbot

Omnichannel Chatbots help customer onboarding automation. It enables self-service and helps customers onboard themselves, providing all the required information. Also, if the customer is still facing some trouble despite the guidance from the bot, it can hand over the conversation to a human agent.

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Live Chat

Live chat enables customers to converse with human agents directly. The agents can provide customers with the required information and guidance. Through live chat, they can walk customers through a step-by-step process if required.


Co-browsing can come in handy in providing seamless customer onboarding. Sometimes, guiding customers through Chat or Call can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when the onboarding process involves numerous steps. In such cases, the human agent can leverage co-browsing to perform tasks on the customer's application.

Audio/Video Call

Sometimes, audio/video calls work better in providing onboarding support than live chat, or customers might prefer calls over chat.

AI Agent Assist

An AI agent assist provides human agents with required information/suggestions, so they can focus on guiding customers instead of searching for appropriate information. Cognitive QnA-enabled agent assists can find answers from unstructured documents - Word, Pdf, knowledgebase, website pages, etc. They can also self-train themselves.

Use Cases

Although the above tools can be helpful for customer onboarding for all services your bank provides, they are popularly used for retail banking services, current accounts, and loans. 

For example, with a Conversational AI Chatbot, the customer can open a checking/saving account through human-like conversations and submit appropriate documents. Some neobanks prefer video calls to authenticate the identities of customers. If the customer feels stuck, the human agent can help the customer through audio/video calls or co-browsing - depending on the issue. 

An End-to-End Customer Onboarding Platform

Consolidating data and streamlining communication between different applications from multiple vendors could be tedious and expensive. On the other hand, Floatbot offers an end-to-end customer onboarding solution - including an omnichannel Chatbot, live chat, co-browsing, audio/video call, and AI-agent assist. 

If you need more information on customer onboarding, feel free to reach out at connect@floatbot.ai