AFDB virtual assistant

Jul 12, 2019

Floatbot as AFDB’s Virtual Assistant Served 5,000+ Unique Users in 54th Annual Meeting

African development bank launched Virtual Assistant for their guests visiting 54th Annual meeting at Guinea Malabo in 11-14 June.

African development bank group which is one of the well-known financial institution comprising of multiple African and non-African countries promoting economic and social progress in Africa launched chatbot powered by floatbot to facilitate guests visiting the meet.

The annual meeting had 4 day schedule with multiple events. To provide the ease with all kind of accommodations to the guests, a chatbot was launched on their website as well as Andoid and iOS mobile applications.

The bot was build in two languages – English and French with all kind of accommodation and events related information.

AFDB chatbot


AFDB virtual assistant helped guests with:

  • Registration
  • 4 days Programme details
  • Venue
  • ATMs nearby
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Emergency contact
  • Featured event
  • Wi-Fi services

The bot was capable of understanding complex user queries related to events and accommodation.



queries of AFDB bot


Few queries triggered by users:

Total messages triggered to the bot were more that 45,000 with 5,000+ unique usuers as shown in below statistics. The virtual assistant turned out to be very useful to the guests. 


AFDB chatbot statistics

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