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Introducing Floatbot

An end-to-end conversational AI platform, helping you deploy AI-powered Voicebot, omnichannel Chatbot, AI agent assists, ASR as a Service  without coding

  • Nov 24 2017


multichannel chatbot development platform

Floatbot - The first ever Omni-Channel Customer Engagement AI Chatbot Platform.

With full enthusiasm and excitement Floatbot is announcing its launch today. For chatbot enthusiasts and business owners this is a very good news that floatbot is bringing DIY chatbot platform with multiple platform integrations.

In business, it has become very important for all type of businesses to automate their customer services with the help of chatbot. Not only customer services but all kind of automation in various sales and support tasks is always welcome from customers.

Why Floatbot?

People love to have chat conversations with each other as well as chatbots. Especially millennials prefer chat over calls. Statistics shows the rapid growth in the use of chatbot over time. It is predicted that almost 80% of the sales and support work will be accomplished by chatbots itself in near future.

Therefore considering the needs for all kind of businesses. We have arrived with a very easy to use chatbot development platform – “Floatbot”.

Current chatbot development platforms are constrained with a very little flexibility for chatbot development and its integration.

Floatbot allows you to develop chatbots and integrate in the platform of your choice. Chatbots created in floatbot are not limited to few platforms. One can also integrate floatbot in its mobile app.

Upcoming version of floatbot will enable internal agents’ communication and collaboration for better customer support.

Floatbot can be called as DIY chatbot Platform with the help of which anyone can create a chatbot within 15 minutes and deploy it on any platform of its choice. Benefits of using Floatbot:

  • Automatic Switch to human agent

    On Fallback of the chatbot customers need not to wait for responses. Live chat feature enables any business to have a live chat with their customers.

  • Customer engagement

    Using Floatbot a business can implement various customer engagement updates such as broadcasts, polls, surveys, videos, images and much more.

  • E-Commerce over chat

    Any online E-Commerce store can manage its store using a chatbot created In Floatbot. Business can have direct communication in need.

    We are not finished yet with the development of our platform, we are continuously propelling towards the highly potential and handy DIY chatbot development platform.

  • Behavioural Analysis and classification of customer queries

    Know the sentiment of customer, example – 41% of your customer are happy, 29% of your customers are complaining

    Classify customer queries to know top pain areas.

         Floatbot Features:

  • Truly Omni-channel
  • iBeacon support
  • Multiple platform Integration.
  • Build a chatbot with appropriate flow of the chatbot.
  • Setup NLP for a chatbot 
  • Broadcasting messages to all the users of chatbot.
  • Analyse the usage of chatbot over time.
  • Advance AI to identify user intents and to give exact responses.

 Floatbot gives all these features in a very negligible price packages that are affordable to startups as well as SMEs.

Floatbot is currently available in free for a single agent with 1000 messages/month and paid subscription for every agent with unlimited messages.