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  • Union Bank of India’s ABHI Chatbot Help Customers Solve their Queries in No Time.

Union Bank of India’s ABHI Chatbot Help Customers Solve their Queries in No Time.

Union Bank of India's AI chatbot - powered by Floatbot, solved queries of more than 14,000 customers in less than 45 days.

  • Jan 13 2024


Union bank of India chatbot

On 15th July Union Bank of India launched ABHI chatbot powered by Floatbot on their website, Facebook messenger, and google assistant for addressing customer queries.

ABHI is capable of replying varied number of queries including all the government schemes accepted by bank, Internet banking, all types of account related information, loans, cards, rupay offers and lot more.

Till date ABHI replied to more than 70,000 of AI queries with just a few milliseconds response time.

The statistics of ABHI depicts its huge success!

Bank also announced to launch a chatbot for employees, which will be employee facing helping employee management.

The technology advancement in banking sector is drastic and help customers in saving time with their queries solved easily without waiting for a human support. This makes a lot of difference in bank’s support activities which in turn saves time and resources.

Key Takeaway:

Union Bank of India has successfully launched the ABHI chatbot, powered by Floatbot, to address customer queries across multiple platforms. ABHI efficiently handles inquiries related to government schemes, internet banking, account information, loans, cards, and more, with a remarkable response time of just a few milliseconds. This innovative approach reflects the banking sector's commitment to technology advancement and improving customer support, ultimately saving time and resources.