Apr 05, 2019

Client on board: CESC bot triggered more than 5000+ AI messages daily, within a week of its launch.

CESC which is India’s one of the biggest electrical utility company based in Kolkata and Howrah. The company serves nearly 2.9 million consumers which include domestic, industrial, and commercial users. We are happy to have CESC on-board with us and use our solution to meet their communication needs.

What problem we are solving?

Having such a huge number of consumers and transactions on a daily basis, it became extremely difficult for the customer support team to provide a real-time solution. Also, an increasing number of regular FAQs took major productive hours. There was a need to address these issues to give the customers the desired support and save major productive hours.

What combined actions did we take?

The actions included two major goals:

  1. To automate common queries of the customers.
  2. Provide CESC services online.

A chatbot developed on Floatbot is integrated on their website. The chatbot is called eBuddy (CESC’s digital assistant)  


eBuddy provides services like:

  • Monthly bill info/payment
  • Latest payment status
  • View Duplicate bill
  • Name change
  • Complaints/Request
  • Report supply off
  • Helpline number
  • Locator


Each service was developed using our effective bot building elements like User input, Text, JSON API, and more.

Below, see an example of how Report supply off service works.



As soon as, the chatbot receives the complaint it generates a Docket number. Later, the customer support team contacts the registered user and manages the problem.

This is beneficial in two ways:
1. The user didn’t have to go through the prolonged process of communicating their issues.

2. As soon as, the support team understood the issue they directly contacted the user with all detailed information.


Watch a video below to see how some features work in eBuddy.


How is it making a difference?

Within a few days of its launch, the chatbot triggered more than 17K+ messages. With 500+ unique users and 5000+ AI messages exchanged daily. The chatbot is growing daily by 20%.

The major queries that came in were regarding: Application, form, meter, complaint and more.

Future development

The chatbot will be getting more and more trained with data for the bot to effectively answer customer queries.

We’re really excited to reach new highest and provide the best solution to CESC. If you have a project or would like to understand, how can we work the best for you? Feel free to contact us.

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