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  • How Brands can save upto 60% of their time with the help of Floatbot

How Brands can save upto 60% of their time with the help of Floatbot

Businesses can save time in customer services, marketing and customer engagement by creating chatbot using floatbot. Bot building platform – Floatbot makes it easy for businesses to engage their potential customers.

  • Dec 14 2017
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Agent Communication

How brands are implementing chatbots

Chatbots are here since years from now but the only difference is that now its use has become aggressive across various industries. Everyone is familiar with its usages and brands have learned its importance and the way of implementing them in their strategies.

Of course, a chatbot can help any business in many ways and save a lot of time for many time- consuming tasks.

Let's explore the importance of various tasks and time consumed by those tasks

create chatbot for customer engagement

Plenty of time is required to give the satisfying customer support. Brands spend a lot of time in providing it.

Research from help scout shows that 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.

This task is automated nowadays with the help of chatbot. Chatbots have almost revolutionized the process of providing customer support. There are many chatbot development platforms available in the market which allows businesses to create chatbot on their own without prior knowledge of coding.

Floatbot is such kind of platform which allows DIY chatbot development and float on a website or mobile app. Floatbot makes native chatbot development and deployment easy and thereby reducing the overall cost and time of businesses. Brands that spend ample amount of time every month on giving customer services through different channels can save their 30-40% of the time. It needs less than 15 minutes in creating a chatbot in floatbot.

Importance of customer experience

Customer Experience is the priority now. A majority (83%) of customer service respondents believe that customer experience is now more central to their role then it was five years ago.

One happy customer will on an average tell to 9 people about their experience with a brand, whereas a single unhappy customer can probably tell other 26 people about their experience. And research shows that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience.

The Probability of selling to a new customer is less than selling to an existing customer. And if the existing customer is happy with his experience then he is likely to invest more in the product or service.

chatbot for call center

Image credit: groovehq.com

Now it depends on businesses on how they provide the best services and through what channels they reach out to customers.

A Number of well-known brands keep themselves on their toes to give the best customer experience. They try to resolve all kind of queries or issues related to their product through all the possible mediums.

Also, they measure the amount of customer satisfaction by asking for feedbacks. And mostly brands utilize their overall time in providing a good customer experience and make sure that they receive good feedbacks from their customers.

customer engagement AI chatbot

Image credit: groovehq.com

Above image shows the increase in annual revenue per customer with the increase in customer experience score.
Here the time is utilized in given and making sure about the customer experience. Top brands give it a priority and spend around 30-40% of their time in customer experience.

Whereas with floatbot it becomes very easy to measure the sentiments of customers. This extracts the need to ask for feedbacks. Sentiments are measured on the basis of chats carried out in floatbot, and with the help of sentiments a brand gets an idea of how people feel while interacting with floatbot. This helps in exploring the reasons if the chatbot is not been able to fulfill requirements.


sentiment analysis


Marketing and user engagement

Again this is the most important aspect for all top as well as medium level brands. Marketing has become the top priority consideration in each and every stage of a business. Businesses spend millions every year in marketing and this amount grows with time and revenue.


customer engagement bot

Spending’s on marketing services worldwide from 2015 to 2017

Above graph shows the spending’s on marketing services worldwide from 2015 to 2017.(in billion U.S. dollars). It shows that from 2016 the marketing budget has increased 13.43 billion and this is probably a huge increase.

Not just marketing but user engagement also plays a crucial role for businesses. People don’t have time to engage with the products and services they use. Therefore it becomes important for businesses to connect with them and engage them with multiple channels.

There may be a number of activities for user engagement such as regular broadcast updates, images, videos, surveys, polls, contests, etc. And all these activities require a large amount of time for implementing in various ways.

Floatbot makes it easier to automate and accomplish all these user engagement tasks and save more time in customer engagement. The Broadcast feature allows you to send regular updates to a targeted audience. This not only saves time but also increases customer experience by 10x. Therefore the overall saved time increases to 50-60%.

Floatbot makes it easy for businesses to engage their potential customers.

Accumulate all your marketing and customer services tasks with the help of a single platform, i.e. “Floatbot”. Floatbot is accompanied with various features that are beneficial to any business in a number of ways.