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  • Rajkot Municipal Corporation Launches Floatbot (Chatbot) on its website

Rajkot Municipal Corporation Launches Floatbot (Chatbot) on its website

Floatbot on Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) website, depicts a decent use of chatbot for government. This will not only be useful in responding to citizen queries instantly but also useful for citizen engagement.

  • Jan 13 2024
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Rmc Chatbot

Floatbot is proud to announce the launch with Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) on its website for omni channel citizen engagement.

11 Dec 2017, Rajkot Municipal Corporation announced the launch of a chatbot on its website. The chatbot is developed with floatbot and floatbot feels proud about its contribution in first launch in interacting with real citizens.

This is the first launch of chatbot from a government department in India. The RMC chatbot will help citizens in getting the information they search. The chatbot gives information on all online services, RMC departments, forms and much more.

Including the basic information, the chatbot is also capable of answering various questions in native language which helps people in getting the useful information they require.


build multichannel chatbots


build multichannel chatbots


Floatbot CEO & Founder Mr. Jimmy Padia brainstorming with RMC department


Definitely, this initiative of RMC towards making Rajkot a smart city will be successful and helpful to citizens. This inspires other cities of India to give such facility for citizens.

Key Takeaway:

Floatbot proudly announces its collaboration with Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) for the launch of a chatbot on the RMC website. This marks the first-ever chatbot introduction by a government department in India, providing citizens with easy access to information on online services, RMC departments, forms, and more. The chatbot can also answer questions in the native language, contributing to RMC's goal of transforming Rajkot into a smart city.