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10 Things Government Needs to Know About a Chatbot

Here are the benefits government can get on implementing chatbots for citizens, making a citizen friendly environment with AI chatbots.

  • May 21 2018
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Chatbot is a technology that has been swiftly adopted by the private sector which has resulted in 45% of the users prefer a chatbot as a primary mode of communication of customer service activities.


The popularity of chatbot is increasing due to the flexibility it provides the users. Industries like e-commerce, retail, travel & hospitality, and healthcare are enjoying the benefit of an AI chatbot. But also working on the internal processes and training their bot more and more with data to make sure the bot give an accurate response.

These AI chatbots are omni-channel as they can be integrated to multiple platforms. What makes these chatbots special is that it can be embedded in by any player from any sector.

While the public sector has been seen as a slow adopter of any technology but not in the case of a chatbot. The government of India has been taking steps towards this technological giant

Reports say that the global chatbot market is expected to grow at CAGR of over 42% in the government sector.

An AI-powered chatbot lessens the burden of customer support by automating repetitive tasks at a much higher rate than a human agent. Chatbot not only helps the government body but also the citizens.

1. The government can always be online. By providing 24/7 availability and accessibility to citizens.

2. Chatbot helps citizens file a complaint online.

3. Citizens can pay various tax bills online.

4. Citizens can request for forms directly to the bot.

5. Chatbots can provide data, reports and update on complaint queries. Providing easy access to various information and service to the citizen

6. Move away from the traditional way of communication to reach out to their citizens.

7. Citizens can chat with the chatbot in their native language, as chatbot is multilingual.

8. Reduction in the delay responses.

9. Instant replies to FAQs with automating the customer support process.

10. Cost-effective

When a chatbot starts to work full time for the government body it improves the communication and leads to more engagement. Here is how Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) broke the traditional approach of communication.

An AI chatbot was integrated by Pune municipal corporation (PMC), which was powered by Floatbot. With a simple aim of solving citizen grievances. Within few days of its integration, the chatbot was able to answer a total of 3186 queries. Daily new unique citizens on-boarded were 100+.

Floatbot is an omni channel chatbot development platform that helps you to bridge the gap between you and your citizens. We use AI bot model that are specially designed, architected and train for G2C engagement. With our advance deep neutral learning, we train the bot to predict results with better accuracy.

These chatbot break the barrier of communication and become the direct medium of contact. Change in technology is changing the citizen’s preference and the best way government can get more close to their citizens is by an AI chatbot. Want to talk more about it, we are here for you. Write to us on connect@floatbot.ai and make citizen friendly environment.