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  • Chatbot lead generation: How can AI powered chatbot fuel up your sale strategy?

Chatbot lead generation: How can AI powered chatbot fuel up your sale strategy?

Chatbots are useful in automating various marketing tasks, also it helps in boosting sales.Get to know how AI powered chatbot can fuel up your sales strategy.

  • Mar 17 2018
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chatbot in sales

We have often heard these lines:

“What more can we do to increase our sales funnel?”

“Think of some out of the box ideas that can generate leads.”

Let us just agree, that sales play a crucial role in our marketing activities. As they help us to understand if the input is leading to the excepted output and many brands are continuously striving toward obtaining the excepted output.

Why don’t you just slow down today?

What if I tell you that an AI chatbot can become your tool to grab leads and which can lead to the final purchase. 

A chatbot is a term that everyone is aware of and some have already included this technology as their key strategy. They allow the brands to interact with their customers online and strike real-time conversations. Considering the below statistic it seems like the customers are liking it too.


consumers want to buy from chatbot


Chatbot aims at the most important aspect of any business model- CUSTOMERS.

A chatbot is purposed to communicate with the customers without any interruptions and lead to a better customer experience. The growth graph will always be red if the customer isn't happy.  

What makes a customer happy? When the brands are available to consider their query and give the excepted reply,  in time of doubt the brand is ready to help them out and obviously the product makes their life easier.

But how can chatbot increase sale? 

Here is what chatbot can do for you:

  • A chatbot is open 24/7. It gives your customer access to come to the bot, any time of the day and inquire about your brand or the product which they are willing to buy.
  • Chatbot acts as your sales representative but this sales representative is quite different than your human sales representative. Like a human representative can talk to only one lead at a time, this sales representative can talk to multiple leads. It can listen and answer to endless number of queries and curate a lot of data for you.

  • Using the data collected by the bot you can run highly targeted broadcast campaign based on demographic, location, interest and so one.

  • They act like an influential friend, who always helps the user to pick the right product. By giving pieces of advice, showing options and providing recommendations.

  • Allow you to be on platforms where they spent most of their time like Facebook, Slack, Skype, ios and android apps, websites, Zendesk, Google home, Amazon Alexa and telegram. Making it convenient for them to reach you and not going back and forth to email list. 

easiest way to contact a business


As a brand, you need to be smart enough to adjust and fill your spot in the mind of the next generation of smart buyers.

With everything getting online the audience are also spending most of their time online for buying products or seeking information. Chatbot makes it easy for you to strike a conversation and seek what kind of services are they looking for? 


Imagine this example:

Your favorite restaurant has now launched a Facebook messenger bot to keep up with the connectivity with all their loyal customers.

And on regular intervals, they keep sending you offers and deals regarding food items that you love, ask you for feedback and above all help you make reservations. No more calls to book table no more wait hours. Walk in and start hogging your favorite food.

Here is the catch - What did your restaurant do?

Did they change any of their services? Or put off a huge marketing campaign for you to love it more?

It simply made itself more accessible for customers like you.

The more accessible you become for your customer they're more likely to always come back to you or stay with you.

With all these easy accessibility and easy flow of conversation, do you think any customer can run away from your brand? 

Chatbot is not limited to interaction or any communication barrier. It can be molded in any way as per your goals and objects. 

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